Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cheese and more chesse

50 packages of Kraft cheese for 10 dollars. A deal or what? Hyvee had a sale: buy 5 packages of cheese for 6 dollars get a 5 dollar coupon on you next purchase(any) so the manager told me (She passed Gunnar and I while we were discussing how we could get more then five) that we could get as many as we wanted as long as each was run up separate. The cashier rang five at a time and took the coupon I got from Amanda(she did the deal earlier in the day) so it cost 1 dollar, then the next coupon printed and the next five one dollar and so on and so on. Cheese freezes great by the way, but with my kids it won't sit there for long. I also still have a five dollar coupon for anything on my next trip to Hyvee. Yippee it is sad how happy this makes me.
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