Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pushed around by the banks, NO

The financial world is pushing this counrty around. They think that if they scare us enough we will give in. The truth is they made a mistake in judgement and thought they could make a killing offf of high interest, high risk loans and they lost. They loaned money to people they knew could not afford it and yet they are shocked when they stop paying. If they had made the money they hoped do you think they would be giving it to us? But, now they want us to pay for their mistake. NO!! We are becoming a socialized govenment and that is not what I want.
Your retirement accounts are fine Meredith. You have years and years for the market to rebound, just continue to save and save and you will be fine. The people in trouble are the ones who are retiring soon, and the ones who have just retired. My parents may have problems for awhile, but the market will rebound and this could be a very healthy thing for the economy. This will make money hard to get and people will have to live on what they make. The fake world many have made will have to be changed. If you cannot afford it you do not buy it. Is that really such a bad thing? I will continue to write my govenment officials and tell them how I feel about this issue and others. This is a great chance to have your voice heard, no one listens better then in an election year. Write McCaine and Obama and let them know.

From an article at Foxnews from Andrew Jackson's day.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal God, I will rout you out.”
Today I turn over my space to Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, who said these fiery words to a delegation of bankers in 1832:
“Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time, and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter, I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal God, I will rout you out.”
The issue back then was the Bank of the United States, a federally chartered institution—sort of a predecessor to the Federal Reserve—that Jackson, ever the populist, strongly opposed. Today, most people agree that a national bank is necessary, but as today’s vote demonstrates, there is no national consensus on transferring wealth from the middle to the top. Good! Let’s hope that principle holds true for a while longer.
Today, the same as back then, big bankers attempt to blackmail America: If you don’t do things our way, exactly as we tell you, then the roof will cave in.
James Pinkerton. There is a better way.
Link to Dave Ramsy hit play and listen to his idea.

Monday, September 29, 2008


I do not understand everything, but I think the bailout is a bad idea and there are other things that can be done for the economy. I just checked out the votes and I am thrilled that MN representative Tim Walz voted NO. I am very surprised he is a Democrat and I expected him to go with them, but he is listening to the people who put him in office. I have been writing to my representatives and Senators and letting them know how I feel about this bailout. I hope they will not race through this process. They need to take time to make sure they do not blow it. The stock market will rebound and the economy will find a new normal. Not having easy credit may not really be all that bad. Suze Orman says we should all realize we need to stop spending money we do not have. That is where I agree with her. JUST SAY NO TO THE 700 Billion BAILOUT.

They are off!!!!

My Parents are off to Iceland today, it will take them until
tomorrow morning to get to Iceland. They fly to Boston and
then a large layover. They then fly to Iceland for a few hours
and then to Denmark until Thursday. Wow, I guess they never would have thought of this as a vacation, but what fun to be in Iceland and Denmark.
I think that living in a country is the way to get to know the people and the country. Living and working with the people in Iceland will be amazing and what a great set of memories they will take home with them. Even with three babies, at least, coming while they are gone this will still be an amazing experience. I can appreciate it better this time then their last mission. I made sure I did not get dependent on them for babysitting or other things while they were here. We instead just enjoyed the time we had with them and did not depend on anything, so now I can enjoy hearing about their mission and not wishing they were here instead.
We will miss Grandma and Grandpa, but we are excited to see what they accomplish and how they enjoy their mission and time in Iceland. GO Brother and Sister Bremner!!!
Yes, I am the internet photo thief.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Yes it is my Birthday today and I am 39. I was going to stay home in my PJ's all day and eat chocolate bonbons, but I got called to sub in the room I have subbed in for the last two days. So no PJ's and a shower to boot, but it was a good day to sub and the kids in the gifted talented room are great. I love to watch the kids minds work, they are so quick and think of things I do not think I would think of now. I am glad we now have this program in our district, it is really great to see the kids get challenged and to think at a higher level.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


This is what happens when you let your children use your camera. They also manage to erase all the other photos(it took me a few weeks to figure that out). He is a genius you know.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cenneidigh and being a girl.

Cenneidigh was getting dressed today and noticed that her brown boots had a broken zipper. She was quite upset and did not know what shoes to wear. She thought she should change her outfit to match shoes she could find. I told her she could wear other shoes not just brown, "Dad wears brown shoes with blue pants." Cenneidigh said, "Mom, Dad is not a girl and does not know fashion." I had to admit she was right about Dad not being a girl and maybe the fashion thing. She ended up running out of time, (I had to work at Southgate, so they had to be ready at 7:35am instead of 7:45am) and chose to wear the Hannah Montana tennis shoes she has that are no longer new white, mostly brown at this point.
Fashion Problems: She rips all the clothes out of her closet everyday looking for something to wear. I tell all the kids every night to pick out what they are wearing the next day so we have no emergencies in the morning, but still clothes everywhere everyday. Such a girl thing to do.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I worked at my childrens preschool today. Of course none of them go there anymore, but it was a fun day. One boy cut his leg and cried but could not tell me which leg. I looked at his legs and told him it was most likely the one that was red and scratched. He then yelled again until I got a bandaid on it and then proceeded to limp on the wrong leg the rest of the morning. Outside I was able to bury several of the kids in a big pile of leaves. I think they will itch the rest of the day. It was a good morning, the other teachers were great and I did not end up doing much on my own.
Meredith you owe me!! I have gotten called three times to sub for today and all three times I explained why I couldn't. But, I work for sure tomorrow and Thursday.
David kept me up with his moaning and groaning last night. He has the flu and was sick most of the night. At 1am the dog started barking. so I got up to sush him and David cried out for some Tylenol. So, off to the kitchen to sush the dog and fetch the drugs and water. Everyone moved pretty slowly today, but all are at school. YEA!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sick and needing a break, has started.

I am working as a sub tomorrow at a preschool for Meredith and then Wednesday and Thursday for the High Potential teacher at Southgate. I knew September would be slow, so I did commit to eleven days of tasting bacon for Hormel. Today was my last day, YEA. I am not a bacon fan and I have had enough for quite awhile. I complain all the time about the taste panels, but 20 dollars just to eat something is not really that bad, it is just always at 1pm which is not the best time for only an hour of work. You cannot go anywhere or do much after or before.

I am saving for a trip to Iceland and so all this work is needed to get me there. I love "ing" it is so easy to save and watch it grow, it is a great savings account and so easy to use. I have several account names under the main account. I have Cenneidigh's Cruise acoount, we are going when she turns fourteen. Just she and I. Anyone who wants to go with us is invited to do so, but it will be Alaska. David gets sick thinking about water, so I am taking her.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Apple Ridge Orchard

As a family we went to Apple Ridge Orchard on Saturday evening. It is located about 20 mins north of Rochester. Bonnie got the Connett's and us tickets for a Mayo family day. The kids all got carmel apples at the end of the tour. The orchard had hay rides to the top of the hills,(hay fights started as expected), where there were two corn mazes and many many apple trees marked with the variety or apples they grew. The driver of the wagon told us we could sample all the apples and all of us ate way too many apples,(sick tummies this morning made that clear). David brought his camera and the battery died on arrival, so here are the photos off my video camera(not the greatest resolution).
It was a beautiful day and evening. 80 degrees and sunny. Everyone had a great time and I hope we can all do it again next fall.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sore Feet.

I do not like my current walking shoes and have been planning on getting new shoes, but I have not had the time. After a few different walks today I was off to get new shoes at 7:30pm from the pain. I walked the dog with David at 5:30am, at 8:00am with Meredith and Vanessa, 2:30pm walked to get the kids at school and back home, and then again 5:30pm to 7:00pm. I think I limped the last few blocks home, but walked about 12 miles today. Ouch!! I hated the New Balance shoes.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Survey for Bras.

I got a call to do a survey for bras. I signed up for paid surveys quite awhile ago and WOW. I received two white bras in the mail with numbers on the tag to use for the survey. I filled out a survey by looks alone and now I wear one today, one tomorrow and fill out another survey. After the two surveys I then get a check for $25 and I get to keep the two bras. Yea. (Side note: I really need new bras. Yea!!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Days Lost!

I had a scare the other day. My Orkin man comes the third Wednesday of the month and I had just put it on the September calender about two weeks ago, so I knew it was coming up. I had just picked up the kids and was reading the newspaper when a knock came at the door. I looked up and it was the Orkin man. He came in and I panicked, I said "Oh no, its Wednesday already and I have missed two days and do not even remember." He laughed and said, "No it is still Monday I just had some time and wondered if I could spray today instead of Wednesday." Oh good I knew things had been busy, but to lose two whole days seemed a bit strange, even for me. My motto is their motto.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good Byes

Goodbyes were said, on Saturday the 13th of September, for my parents at Steven's house. They will be gone for 18 months in Iceland. Amanda is going to stay in the condo and take care of things. Micah made many different pies for the party. I loved the berry pie(the only one I tried) it was very good. We had fun talking with friends and saying good bye for awhile. Really just "See you later."

Last night we went to Rochester to see my parents set apart by the Stake President. The Stake President talked about how special and important missions are and asked who was planning on going on one in the future, JT was the only one not to raise his hand. JT said he could not leave his Mommy for that long. The Stake President blessed both my parents with things that he perceived they would need on their mission. My mom was blessed with peace of mind about happenings at home.

After the setting apart David, I and the kids went to Chipolte's for burritos and Cenneidigh ate one by herself. JT only got through two of his taco and David ate the rest. The other boys all finished their own burritos. Everyone but me had steak, I love the vegetarian with the guacamole. I figure there are enough calories in the burritos without the added meat. We then went to meet Steven's family and my parents for ice cream at Coldstone. The kids had kids cones with one mix in and David had a smoothie. Ice cream is pretty much poison for my system, so I was not even temped to have any. Of course I had just finished a huge burrito, so I was not even remotely hungry. Abby got covered in ice cream and made silly faces for us on the way to wash her hands.

We drove home and put the kids to bed after 9pm. They were bears to get this morning for school. JT and Zeke do not like to get up at all, yet alone when they are tired from the night before.

Click the link on the left side of the screen for my parents blog and hear all about their mission, once they get there. They will be leaving for Utah tomorrow to stay with Randy and family, then off to the MTC, my mom will make a quick stop in California to say good bye. They fly to Iceland on the 27th of September.

Here is a mixture of photos from the party, the setting apart, dinner and ice cream.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sweet Moments

JT was playing with his friend, Mason, on Friday and again on Saturday. They were playing Army, X-box, and legos. As they were playing JT looked over at Mason, smiled and said, "Mason, I love you." Mason looked up and said, "Thanks". They then continued playing. Mason's picture was in the paper Sunday at a football game.

Yesterday I was not feeling well and stayed home from church. JT told everyone that I was not sick I was just sick of the brothers. I told him that he was one of the brothers and he smiled and said, "No I am the baby." True. He then cuddled in bed with me.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Student Council and the week.

Ezekiel won the Student Council representative position in his classroom, but he did not win the Vice Presidential nomination in his class, he was disappointed.
Gunnar got call backs for Austinaires and was a little disappointed. He feels that one of the other boys was more highly favored and well that is not acceptable to Gunnar. Gunnar thinks he is great and he tells us all how great he is all the time, it is hard to find out that maybe you are not as great as you always thought. He should know if he is in or out of Austinaires by the end of next week. He was elected to choir council and to the student council for AHS.
Qatar and Gunnar went camping for the Young Men this weekend, and it is raining. They will be back early afternoon to get so work done around the house. Qatar's room is almost impossible to walk into and Gunnar's door will only open wide enough to squeeze into.
Qatar had a busy week at school and is deciding what bus he likes to ride home the most. We live close to the High School so he can take a bus there and walk or two stops are close to us he can chose from. Hard decision.
Cenneidigh had a good week at school and was excited to get reading buddies from the first grade. Her Sunday School teacher called to get a list of four talents Cenneidigh has. It should not be hard, well it was. I came up with friendly(most of the time), a good reader, a fashion designer in the making(even if sometimes I think she is color and pattern blind), and great with animals.
JT has a hard time with doing homework everyday and tries to tell me he does not have any, but he has one sheet, at least, everyday. He was finally able to play with his good friend, Mason, Friday and Saturday. Mason goes to Catholic School and JT wants him to quit and come to Banfield instead.
Parker and I took four long walks this week and did intervals. He loves that. I walk fast a block and then run a block, repeat. He love jumping up and down at me why we run. He needs a hair cut and a bath today. I think I will get him groomed into a poodle cut just for fun and photos. He is a hairy monster right now. Here is a photo of Gunnar picking Parker up like a baby and Parker does not like to be held like a baby, but Gunnar is still bigger, so what is a dog to do.
I started squats last week and an doing more and using weights this week. My thighs really ache every night, but I am sleeping like the dead. I am doing split, sumo, classic, and straddle squats. I am muscle short and fat high. I need some fat burning muscle now that I am getting older. I am also working on my arms with dumbbells. So right now I am just sore all the time. Just a note for the younger reader, "Getting older sucks. Time is a thief. Weight creeps on and muscles leave". I now will make working out 4-6 times a week a priority.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Worried about nothing.

I always think my life is so boring that I will have nothing to blog, but alas, I do. Yesterday at taste panel one of the men was talking about not liking his pastor and refusing to go to church because of him. He said the pastor was bashing on the Mormons saying things like, "I can always tell if a Mormon is around, the hair on my neck and arms stands straight up, and I hate those Missionaries." Fred, the man at taste panel, thought that no one especially a church leader should bash on anyone. Well then someone said they had heard weird things about the Mormons and that they could not be true because look I was a Mormon( and my father who many of them had worked with over the years) and I seemed pretty normal. I said, "Yes, we are very normal and yes some people get upset because of our Missionaries." That started one women, Peggy, to say that she did not mind the Missionaries, but could not understand why she could not go inside the Omaha Temple. She had visited Winter Quarters this summer and loved the visitor center, but wanted to go inside the temple. I told her that not even all members of the church are allowed inside and that an interview is required to get a recommend to go inside. She was great with that and was no longer upset about getting turned away, "If even people in your church cannot go in then I am OK with not going in." The discussion ended with the panel starting. I would have liked to share more, but no time. One man did look at me like I was from space after someone said I was Mormon, I do not know why.
Here is a photo of a statue from Winter Quarters that we saw this summer.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Life at the Peters house.

Nothing truly exciting is happening right now and that is OK. We had a Scout Court of Honor last night, Gunnar and Qatar received numerous awards. Gunnar presented his Eagle project idea and got lots of great feedback. I think he has chosen a big project with many steps, I have read up on other projects done in the area and this is rather large and it is going to be a challenge. Multiple days and many volunteers needed. Refreshments and other items will need to be gathered, it will be a challenge. Training of the volunteers needs to be done also.
Cenny did not win Student Council for her class, instead a girl who promised to buy wheel chairs for all those who needed them did. I told her next year to promise to have pop and candy machines put into all the classrooms. Why not, that is how the political system seems to work, LIE LIE LIE LIE.
My "MOM JEANS" well they are the most comfortable jeans I have ever owned. David saw them on me and said they do not look like "MOM JEANS",(he even showed me what he thinks "MOM JEANS" look like in a catalog, and yes these do not look like that.) but I do not care at this point. They fit well, look good, don't gap in the back when I lean over and they are like wearing my favorite pair of old sweats. I will be getting more in every color available. I was wrong these are so much better then the "YOUNGER JEANS" out there.
Here is a photo of JT triing on every pair of underwear he has at the same time. He is a nut.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TIVO problems

I am so behind in what is going on in town and in the world. I blame my TIVO, I speed through commercials and I watch only the shows I want to watch. I am not aware of world going ons unless I actually watch the news. Example: today at taste panel, one of the other people was wearing a "I voted" sticker. I had to ask what we were voting for? Primaries was the answer. OOHHH. I blame TIVO completely for my lack of knowledge. When I watched commercials I saw the bits of news here and there, and the political commercials. OH well I am ignorant of going ons, but happy for the bliss. I do love watching what I want when I want and not watching commercials. I do catch myself stopping the speed through to see a new commercial for something interesting and funny. TIVO has changed the way I watch TV. JT feels the same. JT speeds through the commercials like a champ and when he is sometimes watching live TV (hardly ever) he gets upset that he cannot speed through the boring parts, he comes to get me just to make sure he is not doing something wrong.
Gunnar auditions for Austinaires tomorrow. I am already nervous for him. I swear someone forgot to cut the umbilical cord completely. I get more nervous for the kids then they do for themselves. Hopefully the cord will be completely cut soon, Gunnar is so outgoing he may kill me if I continue to get sick every time he does something in public.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Crazy after school

We are writing speeches today for Student Council. Zeke and Cenny want to represent their classrooms and Zeke also wants to run for Vice President. He let me come up with slogans, "A Vote for Zeke is a Vote for Geeks, Geeks is a lifestyle choice."( He wasn't thrilled by that one. I think Geek is a choice, Nerd is just how some people our born. ) "He plays the piano and loves music, vote for Ezekiel Peters." "Ezekiel will be a great Advocate for YOU!!!" I had to explain 'Advocate', in case someone asks them what it means, but I think they get it. Go Bobcats!!!
I have taste panel for the next three weeks, Bacon again. I am sick of bacon by the first week usually and we get three, yea.
It is 57 degrees here and it is only 3:40 pm. This is not normal September weather. This is normal October weather and maybe even November. It better warm up and be a great Indian Summer, or winter is coming way to fast.
I love this picture of Cenneidigh, she looks like this most of the time. She says I never listen to her and yet I feel that all I do in this life is listen to her. Are you sure you want a girl, Heidi?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Camping at Oxbow Park.

Friday started cold and dark and then warmed up, but it sprinkled on the way to the camping park. I was worried it would rain all night. But, the sky cleared and was beautiful after dark. Stars everywhere and very close to see. Shawn cooked chicken, potatoes, and onions for dinner and it was incredible. Camping has a way of making you hungry. We set up the tents and realized that a sleeps 12 is not talking about using blow up mattresses and large kids. Gunnar slept in the van with the dog. Parker really enjoyed all the freedom and attention.
The kids went into the tents about 11pm. The adults stayed up at the fire laughing and joking around, yelling at the kids to settle down every so often. David was wearing black and kept
hiding and sneaking up on us. It was very dark. Shawn stopped talking about 12:45pm, we kept asking if he was asleep and he kept saying "no" but he was. We got to bed abut 1:20am and it was cold. The night was clear and the sky was beautiful. Everyone slept until about 6:30am.
In the AM Shawn made breakfast and we had eggs, pancakes, bacon, and re fried potatoes. YUM, I ate way too much. We told the kids to go take a hike, after an hour we started to worry, but who knew they would really take a hike. We went to look for them and David found them at the Oxbow Zoo. They had taken the long hike about 3 miles to the zoo, they did follow the trail signs. We followed the road and it took 10 mins, they followed the trail and it took over an hour.
All and all we had a great time and the food was great. Who knew how much our kids can eat. They went through tons of food and drinks. Thanks Shawn for the food, he is a great camp cook.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

School is cool.

The first few days of school have gone well. Everyone has gotten to school on time and had lots to talk about when they return home. I have to gear up for their return from school, with lots of yelling and fighting with each other over my attention. I take one at a time and the others do their homework. There are lots of things for me to read and to sign, papers to look over and homework to correct. It is quite crazy from 3pm to 4pm around here. I am glad when four arrives and everyone that is done with homework, piano, and reading can then go outside and find a friend to play with. The house gets quiet again, at least until dinner.
Tomorrow we go camping for the weekend in Oxbow park. It is 54 degrees right now, I hope it warms up. Camping in the cold is not fun, I hope it warms up before winter set in. Cenny's teach called to see if we had any questions about the first week and to tell us Cenny is doing great.
Dawn took this picture of Cenny on the 1st day.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School School Glorious School!

The 1st day of school yea!!. I got lunches made and jumped in the shower. Gunnar walked to school and Qatar took the bus while I was getting ready. Zeke, Cenny and JT were anxious to get to school so we left about 8:45am. We got there and had a hard time parking, I pulled up really close to a truck with a hitch and hoped not to hit the hitch. I took one photo of the three of them before the battery died. I then watched them play until it was time for JT to line up for his class. We saw Cade, Vanessa, Dawn, Emily and many other known faces. I went in after JT's class to be sure he found his room. As I was walking back to the van, Vanessa said there is a guy waiting to talk to you, "HE hit your van". I so do not have time for this, I have an appt for an oil change in 5 mins, were my thoughts. I walked over and the guy walked towards me. He introduced himself as Jeff Brinkman and I took a double look and said, "We went to high school together". He reminded me that no that was Kristi (Kristi had a crush on him, he looks pretty good Kris. He has lots of muscles. He did ask how you were doing.) who he graduated with and I graduated with his sister. Well after some quick catching up and the fact that he only dented the license plate with the hitch on the truck we parted as friends again. Yea, no time for damage. The fast lube place here is closed for some reason, so I went to the dealer and it took over and hour for the oil change. So much for all day with nothing to do.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day FUN

Well today for the holiday David and I cleaned out the gutters on the house. All but one side that we could not reach without danger to life and limb. The side that looks out on the backyard and the big tree. We did not get them cleaned out this spring or last fall so they really needed it. Yuck, dirty work and I am filthy from head to toe, dirt in my hair, on my scalp, and in all my finger nails.
You can see the tree growing in the gutter on the top floor by the window.
My parents took the kids to a picnic at the park.

David got electrocuted when he was putting the ladder away and touched the hanging light on the porch. He had wet feet, the ladder was on wet concrete and it is aluminum. I looked at the light, the chain is broken and it is hanging only by the electrical cord. We need to fix the chain when the porch dries and we turn off the electricity. He is feeling pretty lousy with the four good pumps of electricity he got.
Here is the house with David's home gym in the yard. Tires and the slush pipe.