Saturday, November 29, 2008


We spent Thanksgiving morning working on Gunnar's room. I then fixed my mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables and we all went the the Connetts' for dinner. We all had a great time eating and talking. After dinner and dessert (which was a huge amount of pretty much any item you wanted), we went to Walmart to check out the sales for the next day. We were able to get a few items already on sale so it was a good trip. We also found out where the items we wanted the next day would be located. When we got back to the Connetts' David had taken two of the kids home and so Bonnie and I went to the basement and talked Shawn and Eric into letting us play Rock Band. I played the drums and Bonnie sung. We sounded great, if I say so myself. I think I would really like a real drum set now. We sounded so great that several people asked us to try to keep it down. I think it was so they could hear better without the disruption from the speakers. A great Thanksgiving, THANKS!!
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