Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sub Teaching, first time in GYM class.

I was called to teach gym class at one of the elementary schools. It was really fun. I had two forth grade, two fifth grade, two second grade and two third grade classes. We played Pinball, Dr. Dodge ball, Fishes and Whales and Clean Your Yard. Lots of running around and bumping into people. Lots of head shots and lots of kids holding their heads. By the sixth class the gym was starting to smell pretty ripe. Most kids were tired by the end of the class and some were in the nurses office. Many head bumps and falls but I asked the classes at the end, when they were complaining about their bruises and bumps, if they wanted me to write a note to the teacher to tell him that the class never wanted to play those games again because they were to rough. All the classes screamed a big, "NO". I think it was a good day.
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