Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween Clearance

Target had the rest of the Halloween items at 90% off this morning. I picked up many items for next year. I only got a few costumes. Most costumes were in sizes under 8. I was able to get a lot of t-shirts for the kids and socks. The kids love to open all the Halloween totes in October and see all the items I bought at 90% off the year before. I just put it out in the Halloween totes in the garage and every year enough goes out for good that I am just replacing items used during the season. Halloween favors, candy buckets, table runners, swords, hats, toys, no candy, and many fun little trinkets for Boo bags next year. I love 90% off, it is lots of stuff with a very small bill, where everywhere else it is a very small amout of items with a huge bill.
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