Tuesday, November 25, 2008

School Conferences and Piano Conferences

We hit all the kids teachers yesterday and were gone at conferences from 4-8pm. A long night of listening about our kids. Most good and some not so good. We found out that JT is doing great and is Thankful for the Army, as most boys are in the class with all of their elaborate war strategies they play in free time.
Cenneidigh is tiring to grow up to fast and is worried about makeup, being thin, spending time with her friends at school. Great at math.
Ezekiel is not proofreading his items at school and needs to work on raising his hand to talk. He is also is really enjoying his new high potential teacher. He is doing great in his accelerated math.
Gunnar was next with the conferences in the gym where all the teachers were seated at desks with lines at each desk of waiting parents. We talked with each of his teachers and the common themes were; great kid, talks too much, very respectful but loud, could be doing better then he is, has great potential. Sounds like Gunnar.
Qatar's conferences were similar to the high school. All the teachers were in the gyms and we walked around and waited to see each one. David and I split up and David stood in one line and waited while I was able to see three other teachers. Common theme for Qatar were; great kid, very respectful, likes to talk, unorganized, so sweet, nothing much like Gunnar but both are great kids. Qatar's choir teacher thinks he is doing great, but was extrmely impressed by Gunnars performance in the play and his voice improvement.
Then piano conference today. Qatar was first and he needs to stop memorizing and pay more attention to the notes and rhythm. He is picking up the piano fast.
Ezekiel needs to curve his fingers. He plays with stiff fingers and needs to curve them or she does not want anyone to know she is the teacher. But, he is otherwise learning very fast and doing great.
Gunnar needs to practice not just play. He said he can play most things and yes he can, but playing a piece perfect does not make it pleasant to listen too. He needs to practice the passion and feeling of the songs. He has so many things on his plate and maybe he needs to be more selective to become really good at any of them. He needs to be more attentive at lessons.
More good then bad, but also more potential then they are all living up too.
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