Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I guess I am going!

Amanda was kind enough to volunteer for the job of babysitter for three days so I can go on the field trip with Qatar. We will leave Monday the 8th at 8:30am, I will be able to get the other kids off to school that day. We will return at 2:40 pm on Wednesday so I will be home when they get back from school that day. I have my neighbor Sarah dropping off and picking up the kids those days and even someones else child I already volunteered to pick up. Sarah is such a great friend and help. Qatar's teacher tells me it will be a great experience and lots of fun, even Qatar is excited I am going. It will definitely be an experience, the jury is out on what kind of experience until we return. There will be rock climbing, tree rope courses and nightly programs on the environment. Food is cafeteria style, but you are to eat what you take and they weigh the food that is thrown away and try for a zero waste trip, that will be interesting with 7th graders. We need snow gear and long underwear. I will have to buy the long underwear, I have the boots, snow pants, jacket, gloves, hats and warm socks. I think I will buy Qatar and I more warm socks and long underwear. It will be an experience!!
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