Saturday, November 1, 2008

Funny Cartoon about Obama

I love this cartoon. I stole it from Heather's blog.
I do feel this is what is going to happen if Obama is elected. Share the wealth, Socialism at its core.
The American Way of life will disappear if we go to the Share the Wealth point of view. I am not in the income range that Obama would make my family share the wealth, but I do not believe anyone should be forced to share more then they already do with the high taxes they pay. When I do taxes I see huge refunds go to people who pay no tax, get earned income tax credit and then pay up to 300 dollars to get their refund today. Yea, I want to share my wealth with stupid people who cannot wait 7 days for a free refund. Good luck if you are voting without your brain for Obama. You will get what you deserve.
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