Monday, November 3, 2008

Hope and Change is Bunk!!! Obama Sucks!

There is no Hope and Change if Obama is elected. We will move to Socialism. Work hard in this country and you will have the privilege of giving most of it up in taxes and new spending programs. Spread the Wealth and let everyone have more, except the people who actually work for what they have they get less. No one can solve your problems but you. No candidate can change you. Quit hoping that the government can make your life better. THE GOVERNMENT IS YOU! You are the person who can change your life. Get out and do it yourself. Obama will not solve your problems, he will just create more. More taxes, More spending, More abortions, More national debt, More BS. There is no good candidate for President this election, but Obama is not the person I want making decisions for me. Obama is not exactly POOR, he is also for the rich. Why do you think so many rich people are voting for him? It is not their or his giving nature. If you think it is you are out of touch and stupid. (This post is for my anonymous friends from my last cartoon post.)
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