Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back to Real Life

Now that the election is done it is time to get back to real life. Back to life back to reality.

1. The ward Primary program is Sunday and I hope you are getting your kids to memorize their parts.

2. The end of the quarter for school is Friday and there is only a half day.

3. Target should have all Halloween items 90% off on Friday. That is where I end up getting most of my Halloween things for the next year.

4. It is going to be cold tomorrow.

5. It is going to rain all day today.

6. Check your Flexible Spending account and make sure you are going to spend it all or you will lose it.

7. How is your Christmas shopping going?

8. I am going to start a new hobby today.
9. There is a food drive on Saturday. Stick non-perishable foods by your mail box and they will
be picked up for the Salvation Army Food Shelf.
10. Next Thursday is opening night for the High School and Ellis plays.

Real life is so much less exciting, but not as upsetting.
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