Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Reasons I am glad Obama is the New President

1. I can use the phrase, I Told You So, so many times even I will be sick of saying it.

2. The Democrats will have so much power that they will use it to shoot themselves in the foot and come two and four years from now real change can happen when we all vote them out of office.

3. People who really think Obama will change things for the better will get to know the truth, that he can only change things for the worse.

4. My Grandmother is going to freak out.

5. More people registered to vote and voted then last election, even if they were the stupid and uninformed voters we know them to be.

6. I am not in the income bracket where I will be forced to, Share the Wealth.

7. I get to say, I TOLD YOU SO. More and More and More.

8. Hillary Clinton is not the President.

9. People are as stupid as Karl predicted and now I do believe him.

I am sure I can think of more, but this is it for now.
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