Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Foot in mouth again! Why do I speak before I think?

I marked the being interested in chaperoning for a trip for Qatar coming up. I marked it thinking I would not have to worry about it because I have always been put on the back up list for chaperone's in the past. Well I did get on the list and then I freaked out and called to be sure I was on the "really going list". When I got the secretary I told her I needed to know if I was on the "going" list because I had just marked it as a "Joke"(why I said that I do not know I meant I marked it thinking I would not really have to go). Well I double checked the dates and realized that David is out of town those three days and so I will not be able to go and now I am sad. It really looks like fun and I wish I could go. ANYONE WANT TO BABYSIT FOR THREE DAYS? The kids will be in school from 8-2:40 everyday so it will not be that hard! Think about it, OK. Just get them off to school then be here to get them after school, then entertain and feed them, a breeze.
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