Monday, November 15, 2010

Veterans Day

Cenneidigh is in the student counsel at Banfield this year and was very excited about helping with the Veterans Breakfast. Each year all the schools hold a breakfast for the veterans in town. Cenny had to be at school at 7 am to help set up and I had to work at the high school, so the logistics of car rides was interesting. She got there and after school she told me how interesting the stories were that the veteran told them.
Later at Walmart buying groceries and things she told me more and then stopped. She opened her eyes wide and yelled(she never does anything quietly). "Harlen was a veteran, I remember. We need to get flowers mom." She ran back to the flowers and picked out a bunch. The problem was that it was after 6PM and it was dark. We got to the cemetery and got out the flashlights. JT swore he knew right were it was, but Cenny and I didn't follow him and we could not find the stone.(The last time we were out there it hadn't been placed yet.) JT walked right to a stone and called us over. It was Harlen's. Cenny laid the flowers and almost in unison we whispered. "We miss you Harlen." We got back in the car and drove home to make dinner. I told the kids my Dad and my Grandpa were also veterans. It was a hectic day, but the experience with Cenny and JT made my day.
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