Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two plays this week.

Gunnar and Qatar are playing parts in this musical at the high school, Thurs. the 18th, Sat. the 20th and Sun. the 21st. Gunnar is playing the main prince and Qatar is a knight that loses his pants and is left standing in pink long johns covered in hearts(I drew every heart with a dark pink sharpie) Come and see them. 7PM at the high school.

Zeke is playing a wolf in this play at Ellis, Thurs. the 18th, and Friday the 19th at 7PM. I had to make his costume and it turned out OKay I'll post pictures later. The director asked the kids if their costumes were made and the kid before Zeke said no and the teacher yelled. When she got to Zeke, Zeke said yes his was done.(I hadn't bought a thing yet) When he got home he told me we needed to get it done and fast.
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