Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time can stop right now!

Man the kids are getting so old and it is freaking me out all of the sudden. Watching Qatar's concert the other night made me think of Gunnar's first concert in HS and now he's a senior. WOW!!!!! Time just moves so fast, I need it to stop so I can take a breath. At least once in awhile.
I was watching an old family video and many of those people are not even with us any more, what happened to all those years. I'm the age my parents were when I was in HS and I thought they were old then.(sorry, love you.) This was brought on by my scanning old photos of Gunnar as a baby. He has grown up so much and it has been a great journey, and a personal blessing to walk with him these past 17 years. I know it is hard when all the kids are little, you feel like you can never so anything. But, that changes in the blink of an eye.
Qatar, Ezekiel, Cenneidigh, and JT are all growing big and doing wonderful things with their time. We have our problems, but thank heaven, when you look back you only remember the good things. I love and cherish you guys, it had been my pleasure to be your mom. Now time stop, for a little while, please.
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