Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Funny so funny!!!

At Zeke's play, The Jungle Book, the kid playing the bad tiger(Sha Kan I think), kept ad-libbing his lines. Mogly was going to kill him at the end and knocked him down. The tiger, lying on his back, started singing, Do You Really Want to Hurt Me, by Culture Club. The whole audience was in laughter and JT kept hitting me. Mogly couldn't get his lines out because he was laughing so much. He was funny, I'm sure it was difficult on the other kids, but enjoyable for the rest of us. He also kept making us laugh with silly comments like, he was fighting with one of the animals and he tossed his gloves to the ground, "This is serious, the gloves are coming off." Funny kid, maybe he didn't know his lines, but he will be fun to watch in the future. The part he sung starts at about 42 seconds.
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