Friday, November 26, 2010


Cenny in her crown before her dress was on.
Gunnar in his next outfit, the prince one.
Qatar and Ethan, Qatar is wearing rip off pants so that the princess can rip them off to show his pink, heart covered long johns.
Gunnar in his meek mouse costume, he did pretty well with the meekness.
Zeke in his wolf costume I made, I love sweats.

The plays are almost over for this year. Gunnar played Dantless from Once Upon a Mattress, Qatar played a knight, and Cenny played one of the little girls having the story told to them in the beginning. Zeke played a wolf in The Jungle Book.
When it came time for the curtain call, Cenneidigh came out and pulled the two boys she was with back and then raised all their arms and bowed. She is quite the boss. I guess if I look at it from her point of view I would see that it is tough keeping all of us in line. I rarely do what I'm told and David likes to tease and the four boys. What can I say, she had her work cut of for her.
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