Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Friday what a long day

Up at 3:40AM to go shopping with Vanessa, Bonnie and Meredith. (this is a secret, I'm staying home next year and just going out to eat breakfast.) I didn't need anything, I got a few things for the house and only one thing for Christmas. After shopping and breakfast, I jumped out at Hyvee and got the best deal. Glade candles, spray and plug-ins were on sale and after my coupons I got 14 items for 8 dollars. I love smelly things.(that is how I have a household of boys and stand it.)
At home I cleaned, did some laundry, got ready for the evening. At 4 we had dinner and then off to Christmas in the City, Cenny was in a parade, Gunnar sung with the Austinaires and Qatar was in the play with Cenny at the Paramount. It was cold, we saved our seats at the theatre and then off to hear Gunnar. The play started at 7:30, the parade at 5:30 and Gunnar sang at 5:45. After the play we went to a wedding reception. I climbed into bed exhausted, after ten.
What a day!!!!! Happy Holidays to you all.
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