Friday, November 12, 2010


These two women came to visit the other day. They are from the family that lived in the house before we did. The one on the left is older and she lived on Kenwood Ave. and the one on the right is the youngest and she lived on 4th St Sw. Same street, same house, things got changed many years ago to make finding an address easier. They both lived here until going off to college, the youngest was only in her 2nd year when her parents sold the house. They were back in town to see a lawyer, their father past away in October.
I showed them through the downstairs and then they wanted to see the basement. The basement was the most unchanged place and they were so pleased to go down there(no one here wants to go down there) They talked about how much they loved this house and all the things they used to do. It was really fun to talk to them and to listen to the reasons they loved this house. Lots of fun stories and it made me appreciate my home all over again. I got to relive my favorite moments from growing up here.
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