Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Eyes and age

By Calvin Klein-Groucho Marx's collection.
David went in for an eye appointment because he has had a hard time reading. He is now going to be sporting glasses. I on the other hand look better then I did last year and I hope to look better next year then now. I figure why fix a good thing, if it ain't broke and everything. I don't want to see clearly if it means I look like the lightly frosted lens is replaced by the real sharp angles of a real lens. I like the way things look, I can read fine and as long as I hold the items I'm reading at a distance I'm good.(remember Moonlighting when Cybil was lightly frosted every time the camera was on her? Thats what it's like in my bathroom mirror) Life is good, rose colored, frosted lens is what I sport.
This is Lisa not David.
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