Sunday, November 28, 2010

Macy's display - disappointed, it was the same as last year.

We have seen, Harry Potter, Mary Poppins, Paddington Bear, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, one more I can't remember well and The Day in the Life of an Elf(now two times in a row.) It is a cute display, but I enjoy seeing the different stories, not the same one again. Gunnar didn't come last year, so it was new for him. This is his last trip(if everything goes well and he gets into college) we will miss him, but maybe if the display is different we can stop by on our way home from the airport next year.
While at Macy's we needed to get up a floor and had a hard time finding a way. Gunnar jumped on an elevator and we all followed only to find out when we hit floor two that we were on the express to the 12th floor. Oh well, we rode it back down and finally found the escalator up one floor.
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