Monday, November 22, 2010


I love special ed usually, but the other day I did a special ed class that was more behavior issues. I don't enjoy behavior issues. The day was moving along, when I had a child jumping around and I asked him to sit several times. I pointed my pencil towards him and that exact moment he sat and threw his head into the pencil tip. Really....I mean Really... He was fine and just sobbed for a bit before he finally joined the group with a pencil mark on his cheek. I tried to get him to stand up and go to the nurse, but he refused. He was fine after all. His head did not knock the pencil out of my hand and I wasn't holding it tightly. He returned an hour or so later with a huge band-aid on his face(a bit overkill I think.)
Some days I feel I should pay them for all the fun and others I think I need twice as much money. That was one of those later days.
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