Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

JT says the funniest things, but now he's singing everything. Yesterday he was humming and then started singing about what he had for lunch. He laughed and sung about his friends and then sung a real song from the radio. Of course this comes at a cost, I never get any quiet. I try to talk on the phone and he sits besides me and sings. He sings while he plays the piano and if the music is wordless he makes them up, or just repeats the same phrase over and over and over again.
The new insult at our house is to repeat what the person said, so "Your so stupid." "No, your so stupid." Stupid I know. JT likes to change it up so if someone says, "Your so stupid." He yells back, "Your butt is stupid." Or other body parts. Last night I really tried not to dissolve into laughter with the comments flying across the kitchen, but it was impossible. He loves to add obscure body parts like, nipple, pinky toe, liver, elbow, ear, butt, anything that the other kids haven't used to yell about. Verbal sparring, he seems to have a gift, he may be a politician someday.
"Clean your room." "Clean your room." "You're full of crap." "you're full of crap." this goes on all the time, and now I just tell them that if they repeat anything I say, they can kiss any TV, Computer, Internet, Friend time good-bye.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Books 134,135 and 136

I enjoy her stories, sometimes the technical jargon gets a bit much, but the story is worth the reading. Good book.

Good, I really like her writing, finished it today.
Too long and boring. I really did not want to finish, but I did and wow it was not worth it. I read a short romance I can't remember the name of, darn it.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I love these!!

I love these, I really do. I sent David to the store for needed items a few months back and he came home with several different types and I love these. Small, compact, discreet, these are wonderful. I usually don't love tampons, but wow, these are terrific. They are slightly more pricey but worth it. I love all the color, silly but a happy accident.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Julie Kramer, author visit to Rose Creek

Saturday, October 30, 8 am-noon
Rose Creek, MN
Waffle Feed
Benefit for Southland Schools
201 1st St NE
chatting & signing

David and I will be going to this. I love her books, I'm reading her newest(lots of stuff going on in southern MN, this book. The other two took place in the cities) Silencing Sam and enjoying it. She is from Rose Creek originally. A signed copy of my book and waffles, what could be better?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Garage sale fun

Meredith had a garage sale and Cenny really wanted to sell some clothes she no longer wears. So she called and got the details and we got there in the morning. It was slow at first, but fun with the group(Jill and Meredith) we talked and laughed and tried to help people. Danielle was on vacation, but her stuff sold really well. After 2 PM, we packed up the stuff for the Salvation Army and dropped it all off. Glad to have that stuff gone and a cute jacket to boot. It was a lazy way to spend a day that I should have been cleaning, but I had a great time. Thanks ladies.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Qatar and possible asthma

Here is his crazy connect class from homecoming

Qatar was not looking good after a cross county meet last week. I took him the the urgent care and the Dr. said he had a sinus infection and possible asthma, exercise induced. He prescribed antibiotics, an inhaler and flonase to clear up his nose. No education on the inhaler, the pharmacist gave us a little demo and sent us on our way. I tried to get into see our Dr. but he never has any appts available. Bonnie told me about the Asthma Clinic at Mayo and we now have an appt. on the 4th of November. Hopefully they can tell us if he has it and if he does, what sort he has and how to manage it.
Little things keep coming back to me, aka..."Mom I love hot showers, it is so much easier to breathe afterwards." "I need a humidifier, its too dry and I can't breathe well." How did I miss the clues? I really thought he just had allergies and lots of colds. I need to let my kids know that maybe they need to tell me things that are not right with them more often and not always in the morning before school when things are crazy busy. (Hes in sunglasses in the back area of the photo)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Moving all book reviews to another Blog

David started a book review blog and so I'm moving my reviews to that page also. I'll keep up with the blogging where I am in the numbers and the titles as I read more books this year.
I hope we can keep up with it and post a few times a week. A few times a month we will post reviews on new books out this year. Hopefully it will be informational for anyone wanting to know our take on books we've read. With over 270 books, read between us this year only, there should be something for everyone. If you want to write with us, let us know.

Book Him Dano

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I need a maid...I can't keep up anymore

I spent my first day off, all month, cleaning the piano room. Yes, it was that much of a disaster. Dust from the remodel(yes it is still going on and will be for sometime.) Piano music everywhere, no one wants to play what someone else played, heaven forbid. Bookshelves covered with not only books, but pokemon cards, magic cards, garbage someone was too lazy to throw away, screws, nuts, fan or other item parts, broken picture frames still with the pictures in them. UGHHHH... what a mess. During this process I have the dishwasher and the washing machine going. Vacuum vacuum and still more to vacuum. No wonder I'm too tired to do this after I work all day this is a full-time job in and of its self. Help!!!!!! Please I think I am drowning. Glub..glub...glub.

David keeps asking if I have any books that I'm done reading, so he can take them back to the library. "NO!!!! When would I have the time to read right now!"

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

I'm not counting this in my books read this year total, but I loved this book. I need to read it to the kids. I was subbing and we had three different classes in scantran testing and so I saw this book 0n the counter. I read it that day. The story is about a porcelain bunny who needs to learn to love, he is loved by many, but he is self centered and uncaring of others. This journey gives him the opportunities to be loved and learn to love in return (he lost those he loved along the way, but he grew a bit each time). The part were he's broken, made me cry, as did the end. This is a great story and not long at all. Read it and read it to the kids.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


JT was in a play for the day after Thanksgiving, but after I got back from the ER with Qatar last week, David informed me he was kicked out. I try to stay, but couldn't that day. JT told the director he didn't want to be there and his mother forced him into it. The director told him he was out and that I shouldn't have forced him9she didn't like his attitude of not wanting to be there). In my defense, I force him to school everyday, I force him into the shower, I force him to brush is teeth, to get up in the morning, to wear clean clothes and to do his laundry. I believe that force is the only way that JT will do anything at all, except play Xbox and watch TV. He is on a bowling league on Saturdays with a friend, he seems to enjoy that, but that is all he has outside of school and home. He likes to stay home and play on the computer, well he's now grounded from all media, except the written word.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bikes again

The police auction happened again and we bid lots, but only came home with 5 bikes. We came home and got three of them running great. One needs a new tire, one needs work on the gears. We got two purple, pink bikes for Cenny and they both work great. I wasn't sure we wouldn't need the one to fix the other, but I took apart another bike we had cannibalized for parts and fixed the one. The stem needed a bolt. They both look brand new, great paint jobs. I need to research fixing brakes, most of our bikes have one set that works great, but the other just slows down the tire.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Working, working, working,....

I like to work 1-2 days a week, the rest of the time I need to get things done around the house, and have some time to myself to do what I want. Well since October started, I've worked everyday except one. Five days last week, four days the week before and I worked the 1st also, I worked Monday too. I love the paycheck, but it comes at a price and my house is a mess. I took a nap yesterday and Wednesday after school I slept for two house until dinner. Working full-time is hard.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Funny things kids say

Qatar asked me where I had put his pillow sheets after I washed them. I think he meant pillow cases.
One of the ELL students I taught on Monday, found me in the hall a few days later teaching another class. She smiled and then asked. "Why did you eat a sneaker?" I was puzzled, a sneaker, why would I eat a sneaker. She continued to insist that I had indeed eaten a sneaker. So I thought about Monday and came up with this. "You mean why was I sneaking food?" She nodded and laughed. "Well I was hungry and I thought you were to busy to notice. I had missed breakfast to get in early." She laughed and thought I was funny and if I was hungry then just eat, I didn't have to sneak it. In my defense, I pulled a granola bar out of my bag, broke it in half, and finding I was still hungry after eating that I went back to my bag and rooted around for the package to eat the other half. I wasn't really sneaking food.
JT usually says "fricking bad" thanks to a song Gunnar listens tooooooooo all the time. The other day he was watching TV and said "That was pimping bad." I turned and asked what he had said and I had heard him correctly. Me, "What does that mean?" JT, "I think it's stronger then fricking." Okay then.
A little girl at school asked me, "Why when you sometimes turn your head do you shiver?" I told her I had a tremor that I had no control over,but it wasn't contagious. She smiled and then informed me one of her eyes was bigger then the other.
We were watching for a little guys mom after school. He pointed to a women at the door wearing PJ bottoms. He turned to me and said. "My grandma says that people who wear their pajamas outside are just plain lazy. What do you think?" That is a tough one, I like my PJ's, a lot!!! I said, "I think it depends on the person." He nodded and then his mom appeared, not dressed in PJ's.
Just a few cute things that I get to enjoy.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Book #133

I enjoyed this book, the story of how HeLa cells started was fascinating. The chapters were set in the years the discoveries were made and the idea that so many people have been helped by a few cancer cells is incredible. Some very disturbing stats, 90% of the adult population has a form of HPV(sexually transmitted disease), her cells were so strong because of the type of HPV she had. Scientists then injected many unknown substances into prisoners, poor people, and terminally ill patients. They did this without consent and without the people knowing what they were being injected with. Her cells were used in making the polio vaccine and many others.
Her family was poor and black and no one really ever explained to them what they had done with their mothers cells. The daughter who gave the information to the author, wanted to know more about her mother and what her cells were doing. Henrietta's cells have been sold for millions over the years and yet her own family cannot afford to see a doctor.
Many laws and regs were started after they took her cells. Informed consent came from this and other experiments. The story of her family kept me reading. This is well written and interesting. The author brought to life the usually boring aspects of scientific information. Who really owns your cells?
The man who first grew her cells never profited on them. He used them purely for knowledge. I can tell you I'm glad informed consent is required now. Her family assumed the doctors were smarter then they were, so they let them do whatever they asked. How many of us don't question our doctor, we should? I think we should and I do. Read this book. 313 pages of story and the rest is acknowledgements and information.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

JT or Joseph or Bob?

This crazy kid has decided to go by Joseph at school. I asked him why and he informed me that if his teacher is going to make him spell his whole name out, he might as well be called by it. At Halloween Warm-ups, someone asked his name and he yelled out. "Its Bob, why?"
I worked with another sub I know today and last week she subbed in JT's room, she said she thought it was funny he wanted to me called Joseph, but that he was a sweetheart to her and very helpful. I showed her his photo to be sure she knew for sure who she was talking about. Sure enough it was JT she had had in class. Surprises, surprises.

Friday, October 15, 2010


This is about me and how I feel about something that was said to me. Since this is my blog I can say what I want. (hahahaha) Like I don't anyway. When we were skydiving, the instructor kept calling me TINY. Wow, me. In high school I was always the larger girl, my friends were all 90 pounds soaking wet(I was the bottom of the pyramid in cheer-leading) and now I have Vanessa. Well I was thrilled. Also last week I worked at Ellis and one of the boys threatened to break me in half. I told him I was pretty strong and he laughed saying. "You're a toothpick."
Silly I know, but I'm tiny and its my blog. This makes me happy.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Me and Cenneidigh being silly

We had to wait for the weather to improve before jumping and had a bit of time to play and be silly together. I was scheduled at noon and got to jump at 2PM. Everyone was behind because of the weather.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Warm-ups at the nature center

Zeke as a pirate
Qatar as a pirate
Cenny as a pirate

They all played pirates in a skit at the nature center this last weekend. It was fun walking through the little skits in the dark. JT kept telling me how he wasn't scared at all, but he didn't let go of my hand. It was lots of fun. Amanda, Peter, and Megan came along also.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Babysitting was never this easy.

He sleeps in a crate and can be left alone during the day. We had this little visitor for a few days. Except for marking the corner of the couch, it all went well. Parker was a bit jealous at times.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Skydiving in Waseca, Minnesota

Reverse order, sorry.
WOW!!!! What a blast. Finally I can mark this of my list of things to do before I die. The list is so long that I need to get going on it. Everyone should try this, its safe, fun and amazing.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Relief Society

I am now the 1st Counselor in my ward Relief Society. I had this calling a few years back and feel recycled. The president said she knew she was being called and exactly who she needed to call. We shall she how it goes, I will miss my babies in nursery. I really enjoyed that calling. Some days were tough, crying and fussing, but most days were great. Now I have to attend Sunday school and Relief Society, sitting still that long will be difficult. I'm used to dancing, playing and singing for two hours.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and gifts

Thank you. Vanessa had the family over for many of my favorite treats after church on my birthday. Meredith, Bonnie, and Vanessa gave me the best gift and then took me out for dinner a few days ago. YUMMY!!!! Renee gave me a terrific cook book for the crock pot and I have made 4 recipes so far and the kids loved one. All of them loved it which is so rare around here. My parents gave me a gift and flowers, thanks. I love having flowers around. David showered me with gifts, he took careful notes of things I said I liked and then surprised me with many of them. It was a great birthday. Last year I wasn't feeling so great, but this year was wonderful. Thanks to all my friends and family for remembering me. Now for sky diving, thanks to my in-laws, my grandma Bremner, and my parents.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Old age and food

Being 41, I feel quite young, but I'll tell ya, the last few years have been really limiting in what I can and cannot eat. Cenneidigh was born and all of the sudden I could have no more dairy, I get completely ill when I have milk, ice cream, cheese, etc. A few years ago soy started to do the same thing and now it seems bread and bread products. I figure in another 40 years I'll be lucky to be able to eat anything. Going out to eat is not worth it, every time so far I end up sick a few hour later. This sucks, I think after trying to eat right and watch my calories for years(since 10th grade), I will end up hungry and grumpy because I can eat nothing but air. The ants can have my supper then, I guess.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Poor Parker

Poor Parker, he's a standard size Poodle and everyone thinks he's a baby. He isn't, but Gunnar missed the memo again. I think he was actually yawning here.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Austinaires getting ready to sing(Gunnar did remove his hat)
Cenny and Zeke
Gunnar with the homecoming queen Molly Bissen and Selina.
Gunnar sung with the Austinaires for the National Anthem, and Qatar and he played in the pep band. Cenneidigh, Zeke and Amanda and I lasted until half time. It was getting quite cold. Actually I wasn't feeling great, and now I've been in bed for two days with a nasty cold and cough. The things we do for our kids. It was fun seeing all the seniors, I remember them as little kids. The freshman also, they have all grown so much. No longer little kids, they are looking more and more like adults everyday and next year will be on their own.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Battle of the Connects

At the high school every year the connect classes(like homeroom) compete against each other in different events. One is a food drive, one is a scavenger hunt, etc. The Freshman are dressed in orange and the seniors in black(Sophomores in green, Juniors in blue). Qatar wore some halloween striped tights and Gunnar wore black from head to toe. The Senior won, Gunnar brought in over 600 pounds of cereal for the food drive and his connect won 22 events out of 25. Each connect has different T-shirts in the class colors. I subbed last year on the battle day and had great time. Next year, I think I will volunteer.