Sunday, August 31, 2008


Happy 15th Birthday Gunnar. WOW 15, it seems like only yesterday I was pregnant with you and feeling like I would explode soon. 6:36pm today 15 years ago you were born 9 pounds 3 ounces and the widest shoulders. You were always bigger then the age you were and now in high school others guys are starting to catch up. We expect big things out of you in the future.
A Sophomore in High School this year, wow time goes so fast. Happy Birthday Gunnar we love you. Great job on your talk and song at church today.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

State Fair Slide Show 2008

State Fair Fun

The State Fair in Minnesota

WOW!!! I do not think I have ever seen so many people in one place. I have been to Disney Land and World and there were still more people at the fair. It was like walking in a sea of people. We had a hard time finding parking and ended up on the U of M campus parking lot and walking around the fences to get into the fair. We walked into the midway. HUGH.

The first thing we did was wade through the people to find the stage Zeke would be performing on. We found that and then went to look at the fair items. We got lots of free stuff, a free reusable grocery bag for everyone, free tickets to a U of M girls basketball game, pens, hats, silly stuff, lots of papers.

Zeke wanted to ride the sky ride to see the whole fair. He was very excited, but once we got on he decided he would not do that again. We went over half of the fair and over a building with shoes, toys and lots of garbage on the roof. Zeke wore flip flops, so he took them off so as not to lose them during the ride. The ride was like a ski lift, you stand on a line and it scoops you up. We took lots of photos from the top. David and Gunnar walked across to see us at the end. The fair is so big it has another sky ride on the other side of the grounds.

Zeke was nervous to perform, but ended up with a flawless piece. They had a first and second place, but he did not win he did great. He was in the top 3 and I am not bias at all. Gunnar was so excited to see Zeke perform and hopes to be there next year. As for me if I never went again, it would be tooooooo sooooooon. We got home at almost 1am. I am a small town girl. Traffic is bad, bad, bad, bad. My parents and Amanda came to cheer on Zeke and we made a great cheering section.

Thanks to Vanessa and Eric for taking care of JT and Qatar, and thanks to Meredith and Shawn for taking care of Cenneidigh. It would have been very difficult to have them all at the fair.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


We are done with back to school conferences. YEA. All the school supplies have been dropped off and now we are breathlessly waiting Tuesday for school to start. Now I just have many many forms to read and sign.
Ezekiel is very grumpy and is getting upset and yelling for no known reason. Well I know. He is getting nervous about his performance tomorrow at the state fair. I keep telling him it is just for fun and not to worry about it. He is feeling sick and is very grouchy, NERVOUS! The women who runs the Mower County Talent show called to wish him luck today, I thought that was sweet.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School!

It is just 70 degrees and wet. Yuck! I have four back to school conferences tonight and would have had five, but we had JT's teacher changed, he and Cade were in the same classroom, his conference is tomorrow afternoon. We have piles of school supplies, backpacks, shoes, and art shirts. I will really like getting my Dining Room back.
Shopping for back to school was great this year. Everyone got socks and underwear. Cenneidigh has a friend that gives her lots of beautiful clothes and needs nothing new. JT has a friend also, needed nothing new. Qatar and Zeke are close to the same size and I think a few new t-shirts in the next few months will keep them looking good for the year. Gunnar likes to look shabby so he is still good, at least until he grows again. He has not grown in about a year.(Could be soon or maybe on his mission) It would be great if he stays the same size for awhile, he grew so fast a few years ago that he went into a different size pants every other month (12-14-16-18-29,30-30,32-32,32-32,34-34,34.) But, this does make lots of jeans for Qatar to grow into, that is the biggest reason for no new pants needed this year. It still cost more money then I would have liked, with school supplies, shoes, socks and underwear. The three youngest all need a pair of tennis shoes left at school for gym. Just a random photo, I have so many and no place to put them.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It is only August and the weather has turned down right cold. We have slept with the windows closed and a blanket on the bed for three nights now. I woke up quite cold last night. IT IS AUGUST!!! Come on!!! Winter is coming fast enough. The sun was down and it was very dark at 8:40pm last night. I was on a walk and rushed home when I noticed it was getting dark fast. I made it home about 8:42pm, very dark already.
We took the family on a bike ride for FHE, even the dog. He whines if anyone is ahead or behind him, I do not think we will take him again. We all played at the park and David went on the spinney thing and was sick for an hour after we got home. WHY? I asked and he thought maybe it would not be that bad. He is always sick if he goes on any spinney things, rides, merry go rounds, Ferris wheels, most items are round, and all boats. He may look big and tough, spin him around and he throws up.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Primary Problems

We need teachers and we need sanity. We had two subs and the President taught Sunbeans and the next class up herself today. I had sharing time, so I could not fill in for the teachers that were missing, We are desperate to have teachers who are dependable and love teaching Primary. We have no Nursery leader and I am ready to declare that there will be no more Nursery at all, keep your kids in class with you until they are three. But, today during junior sharing time I had quite the time, there were only six kids, many are gone on vacation. I could not keep the peace or their attention. We talked about the Holy Ghost and his different roles, Comforter, Teacher, Testifier, and Guide. We hugged each other for comfort, then took a guided walk around the outside of the building, then talked about school and teachers for teach and testimony for testify. JT and Cade were awful and I guess they feel they can get away with it since they are related. They can bring the worse out in each other. They make constant gestures, talk and do exactly opposite of what they are asked to do. I think I might do a lesson about quiet and tell them the duct tape over their mouths is part of the lesson. I will secure it well.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Media addict

I have had to cut JT off he is a media addict, at least the electronic type. "Can I play xbox? Can I play the computer? Can I watch TV or a movie?" This is his mantra this whole week. Yesterday I cut him off and this morning he woke me up at 6am to ask if he could play xbox. Yuck 6am on a Saturday, crazy kid. School is starting soon and we have discussed that no computer, TV, Xbox, wii, or friends until after 4pm everyday so homework and reading can get done. They do not seems thrilled, but that is life.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, hair cut and mom jeans.

David celebrated his 39th birthday yesterday. He said it is his last year as young, he will now be old. Vanessa, the kids, Bonnie, me, Cenny, and JT went to his office with balloons, candy, and treats. He actually surprised us outside, he said I was too predictable and was watching for us. Cenneidigh got her hair cut on Wednesday and it is so cute. Davids camera has the photos I will post them later today.
I bought a pair of jeans at Younkers yesterday and yes they might be considered MOM Jeans. They are just below my waist, the highest jeans I have bought in awhile, but I am sick of bending over and having a huge gap between my jeans and my back. I bend in these and there is no gap. Another mom jeans reason is that they are stretch, but they are comfortable. I just worry I am giving up and I do not want to do that. I think I will just believe it is because of the gap in the back of the low rise jeans. Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fruit Flies

I hate fruit flies and try hard to avoid them. Well a few weeks back I bought a bag of apples and when I opened them at home some fruit flies flew out, YUCK. I still have them and have tried sprays and bottles filled with vinegar with holes it them( they can fly in but they cannot fly out). The exterminator left a trap last month and things got better, but in the last week things have gotten worse. Yesterday he came again, I was walking out to get Cenny's hair cut as I told him about the flies getting worse. I love this guy, he never judges me as a housekeeper(at least not to my face), he sees every room and I cannot close the door to the messy ones. Well, I get a call from David and he tells me the exterminator found the problem and took care of it, it was the potato bin. I forgot that I bought potatoes awhile back, and with the heat and humidity they had gone off. The exterminator cleaned out the bin and sprayed for the flies( a couple of thousand I think). He is such a nice guy and I am sure he tells his wife some great stories, but he never is rude. Well we have no potatoes or onions right now and almost no flies. The ones that were not killed will die in the next day or two from lack of food. All our fruit is in the frig. YEA!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Shopping with all the kids was not a good idea. I knew it, but I blew it. I thought I am saving gas only going out once. Shoes for gym and school, supplies and lots of "stop touching, stop hitting each other, stop yelling, no treats at this store, behavior is not acceptable, you will be grounded when we get home if you do not stop now." Well Zeke and Cenny were grounded and no one got any candy at all. Good news, we have all our school supplies and shoes for everyone. I even got a cute pair of sandals for the fourth of July next year for $2.50, they are so cute. Payless was having BOGO.
David and I did leave all the kids and went to Rochester for him to set apart by the Stake President, so I did get Chipoltes for dinner, yea. We also visited a friend in the hospital and she is looking better. Gunnar babysat, this is the first time we have gone out of town with him left as the babysitter. He did great, he is going to be 15 next week, it is just they are all related and that can cause problems.
There were a few funny things the kids said yesterday, but when I told David he wanted to blog them. He said it was because I cannot tell a joke the right way and the stuff they said was so funny he wanted it told right.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bored Children

We have had too much summer and the kids are bored silly. "Can I play computer, can I watch TV, can I play x-box, can I play wii, can I cry all day about the things you wont let me do?" Yea, school starts in two weeks from today and I for one cannot wait. Summer is about three weeks to long. Maybe go a week longer in June and start two weeks earlier in August and this would not happen. Everyone is getting anxious to start school. Today we are shopping for school supplies and shoes.

Doctor visit.

I saw the Doctor today and yes my iron is low. No signs of the hemolytic anemia, but I have to find another allergy pill. Claritin is the one for now and if it does not work to try something else. She does not want me on anything with the possible side effect of hemolytic anemia. She thinks I may have caught it earlier then the tests can, or I just am run down, tired and sick. If I am not better in a week to go back. She was upset because I have not seen dermatology for my dry skin on my hands and because of my family history with Melanoma. I have now made an appt with a new doctor, ( my primary quit the hospital to teach at the college and I really miss her) this one was acute care, and I am getting a referral to dermo in Rochester.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Sick this week, yuck. Nothing horrible, just severe exhaustion, rapid heartbeat, dizzy(especially when standing from a sitting position), nausea, and severe headaches. Amanda called and said maybe it is Anemia. Yes, that could be it I have taken an iron pill in months. Well I have started iron and feel a bit better, but my new allergy medication has a side effect like a medication I was on that caused many problems with anemia. It is hemolytic anemia, now if I do not feel better this week I will need a blood test and the worse part is finding another allergy pill that will work. Stupid allergies and dust and pollen and other stuff. This is my disgusted look(I am looking at David)

Friday, August 15, 2008


In the mail today I received my letter from the school with instructions for subbing this school year. It does make me a bit nervous, I feel I will have to do a few days to feel comfortable again. I also got a letter about my background check for another preschool in town and surprise I am OK to work with children.
Gunnar has been working on his merit badge for Citizenship in the Community, so here are a few photos of our beautiful city. The SPAM Bell on the Mill Pond, the High School, and the Paramount Theatre downtown

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Off to the State Fair

Ezekiel got his letter from the State Fair committee about his performance time and it is Friday 29th. We have to be there at 6pm and the performance is at 7pm. It will be a busy day. Vannessa said she will babysit JT, yea! I do not want to watch him with all the people that will be there. Now I need to get a place for Cenneidigh to go for the day and night. The State Fair should be fun, I have never been, but busy with people especially on a Friday night. We are going to try a fried dill pickle. Yum fair food. Lots of fat and sugar. Article from ther Herald about Ezekiel's Win.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Truck Trouble

David parked his truck on the street because Helen had a workman in the driveway and we are still cleaning out the garage. Well that was a mistake. Some kid broke out the back window during the night and now we are having a new window put in today. I just am upset about the stupid things kids do when they are out together. I just wish they knew what a pain and cost it is for the rest of us. We do have full glass coverage, but then insurance costs will just keep going up. When they grow up and start paying their own bills they will want to kick their teenager selves. The police said that this is the number one problem in the summer. David is having the truck fixed while he is at work, the glass company sends a truck out to fix the window were ever you are. Yea, less time required.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not so Boring Life!

Well I worry that I will never have enough happen in my life to write about, and yet... Yesterday while having lunch at the park we noticed smoke coming from a building. It ended up being a dumpster that was on fire. We heard the fire trucks so we did not worry, but then they just passed by. A house in the NE park of town burned down yesterday at the same time as the dumpster. Another person at the park called the police and they came by and sprayed the dumpster down. Very exciting in this persons life.
Then on the way home we took the long bike trails and stopped to throw rocks into the river. The kids decided that for FHE we would go biking on the trails. We ended up at Todd Park and played for awhile before biking home. JT, Cenny, and I biked over 15 miles by the end of the day. They were both up at 7am like normal. We all had a fun day and tired legs.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Photo in the Post Bulletin

Well last week our photo was taken at lunch at Sumner and now today it is in the paper. It was funny, because most days it is 12-20 people eating lunch together, but Vanessa had broken her foot and Meredith was late, and the rest of my kids were off with Grandma. And yes, we do go everyday. It is a great savings and the kids get a good lunch. I hate making lunch, it seems in the summer that the kitchen is never clean with all the meals and snacks. Lunch out at Sumner and the park really helps keep the kitchen clean and we ride our bikes for exercise. Wed site Article.
David was called as the new Elders Quorum President yesterday. He is now waiting to get counselors.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I have decided that this is my blog and so I am going to tell you what I think. Gunnar was cheated, do not get me wrong, I am glad. He needs to learn to be more prepared, but he was great and his stage presence was above all others in the contest. The fiddler was fun to listen to, but really she was just a statue on the stage with a fiddle and a smile. Gunnar said after the performance that he was quite nervous, another problem with not being fully prepared. I am so proud of him he never looks scared.
Ezekiel did win and he was great. He woke up Saturday and thought he might have the flu, because he was so sick to his stomach. Pepto did not help, but after the performance he felt much better. I tried to tell him he was just nervous, but he swore he was sick. He was surprised he won and it was cute to see him go up and get his check. He now needs to work on his stage presence and smile. We will have him bow at the end with a smile if he can handle all the nerves. I really hope it is easier for him this time around.
I am in no way BIAS!!! I am Not!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mower County Fair Talent Show Winner!!!!

The fair talent contest was today and wow, there were many contestants and it was hot. Zeke was in the preteen division and played the piano, Memory from Cats. Gunnar sung Wonderful from Wicked. They both did well. There were over 12 preteens and 8 teens. Zeke won the preteen division and Gunnar came in 2nd in the teen division. Gunnar did great, but just started to learn the song on Thursday night so I am glad he did not win. He needs to learn that flying by the seat of his pants does not always win, a little prep work is great and needed. I took videos and not photos so here are other photos of the boys. Gunnar in How to Succeed in Business with Sara and Zeke at a dinner. Zeke won $40 and Gunnar won $30. Yea Boys!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Breaking Dawn and States of grace

I finished the last book in the four book series and it was a good story. It went way off from where I thought it was going, but it was a fun book to read. I really enjoyed The Host, Meyers stand alone novel, it had an interesting story idea. If you need something to read try this author. Wed site for Breaking Dawn.

We rented the movie States of Grace. Everyone was at a different state of Gods grace. It was very interesting to think about all the areas in my life that I am judgemental, because I do not see the whole picture. I really liked the movie in the way it made me think about many things that have happened in my life. Warning it does not have a fairy tale ending. State of Grace web site.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

40th Anniversary Party

My parents have been married for 40 years and wow that is a long time. They are on a three week trip to see the rest of the family before they leave the country in Sept. But, Tuesday before they left Amanda threw together a party for them at Steven's house. Amanda put together a DVD of the family photos and put them into sections. Before kids and marriage, marriage, kids, moves, Christmas, then each child and last spouses and grandkids. It was a fun dinner and show. We also shard favorite memories of childhood. Fun night and Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom.
My camera's batteries kept failing this is as good as the photos got. This is the cake Amanda made of the places they have been.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Fair

The Mower County Fair is this week and we went the first day for some great coupons and to sign Zeke up for the talent contest. We read in the fair news, that a coupon for a free malt were being given away at a tent at the fair so we went and the kids got free malts. We also picked up the coupon books from the reading program at the library. Lots of great coupons for the kids to get sick from. Free pizza, nachos, slushies, smoothies, pop, cotton candy, donuts and milk. JT complained about wanting a slushy and by the time he got it he decided he was sick. He only ate, 8 donuts, a strawberry smoothie, root beer float, vanilla cone, some cotton candy and some nachos. Sick I wonder why. He then needed to use the bathroom and I had to explain that we keep all our clothes on in public restrooms, shoes and socks included. When at home he cannot seem to sit on the toilet with any clothes on. Maybe this experience will help that issue. We walked home after seeing, but not touching, all the animals and handicrafts. It was a beautiful day. Mid to low 70's with little humidity. We are going back on Saturday for the talent contest and to use the rest of the free coupons, why be ill only one day.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Relay for Life and a visitor.

David walked around the mill pond from midnight to 7am. He did a marathon in length and came home limping. He is exhausted. In Primary some of the kids kept falling asleep from being at the relay until midnight.
Happy Birthday Steven, 40 is it?
We got a call last night from the Stake President wanting to talk with David and I at 8am Sunday at our home. David got home after 7am and in the shower to get ready for the visit. President Spackman got to our home at 7:40am. Well he wanted to know how we were doing and then talk with David.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Slumber Party for you know where!

WOW!!! This was all I could say when I saw the mess in the morning after Cenny's birthday sleepover. Never Again was my next statement and my next was What Happened? I then calmly got a garbage bag handed it to Cenny and said you and your friends need to clean up this mess. Candy everywhere and drinks spilled on the floor, couch, coffee table and pillows. I was to say the least TICKED!! I then proceeded to tell them, that I know that not one of them would dare to make a mess like this at their house.
Never Again. Girls are so different from boys. Qatar and his friends would not go to sleep but no mess. They kept the food in the kitchen and did not fight with each other. Cenneidigh's friends were attention seeking and mean at times. Half were asleep on the floor and half upstairs because of a fight they had at 4am. I did supervise until 11:30pm when I turned on a movie and told them to start settling down for the night. At 12:30pm I went and asked them to quiet down, at 1:30 I asked again and again at 2:30. At 3:30 am I told them to go to sleep or I would take them home. NEVER AGAIN!!!