Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why I stay home.

A few weeks ago someone asked me why did I choose to stay home with my kids instead of staying at work full-time. Well I have lots of reasons and a few days later someone asked me if I worked, knowing I had five kids. I said no and she laughed, "how could you". She has four and she would never get anything done, concerts watched, school visits, sick day supervision and loads of other things if she did work full-time. I agreed. Concerts, helping at school, sick kids, request calls, etc. Working full-time would make all those things difficult.
But, another reason, even with all the times I've been pukes on and pooped on and every other available body fluid on, I still am glad I had the opportunity to stay home. I didn't have to work and that was a blessing. I could have worked and believe me we could use the money, I still don't know how the kids are going to go to college and missions(I hope for miracles when it comes to that.) We drive two over ten year old cars, and we have crappy furniture. But, I got to be here when they took their first steps, when they brought home lice(yeah!!!), when they brought home the two week stomach flu, when they said "Mommy" the first time. When they get hurt they want me, and when Gunnar gets home late at night he talks to me. He really talks and that is rare for a teenager, but night time seems to loosen his tongue. I hope the rest of the kids are like that.
Don't get me wrong, sometimes I want to scream, "My name is not MOM!!" sometimes I actually do. Sometimes I hide in the garage to talk on the phone in peace. Sometimes I sit in the bathroom and read a book, just to get away from all the hands wanting to touch me and trying to get my attention. I go for a walk with the dog to escape the noise and even at times call David at work to talk to the kid who is causing the problems.
I can tell you one thing, they have grown really fast. When they were all home and I never got any sleep I thought that time would never go forward and I would never talk to adults again, but they grew up and now I talk to adults all the time.
I really like to sub and I love preparing taxes, so I feel I've got it made right now. I get to deal with other kids and realize mine are pretty darn good and I get to talk to adults and realize there are bigger problems out there then a few kids who yell and fight with each other. I also get a bit of money to save for vacations and things. Not much, but some.
Staying home was a choice, I was lucky enough to get to make.
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