Monday, September 27, 2010

Flooding 2010

Well we seem to have floods every few years around here lately. We helped sandbag in 2008, when the lower laying regions of town were underwater. This year I knew my back could not handle it so I didn't sandbag. Gunnar went to a friends who lives on a hill over looking a park and his backyard was underwater. They got a couple of canoes and off they went to explore the park they usually play in. Gunnar rowed to the band-shell, the Veterans pavilion, and tried to get over to the baseball park and row under the score board, but the water was thick with junk and gunk so they couldn't get over there. He didn't take his phone so i have no photos.
School was cancelled on Friday due to road conditions and flooding. I think if I lived near the river I would build large hills of sand to protect my property and then cover them in dirt and plant flowers. Most people have to sandbag every two years and still lose things in the high water. I like living on high ground, at least around here that is.
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