Saturday, September 11, 2010

Harvest Party at the Garden

The four youngest participated in a 4H garden program this summer and loved it. They weeded, learned about healthy eating, made several items including, jam, salsa, watermelon cooler, several salad dressings, and more things with the harvest they pulled out every week. They harvest one crop and planted another. They sold the surplus at the farmers market to raise money for a shed and met many new and different people there.
The photos are from the harvest party. They collected, washed, chopped and prepared a meal for their families the last day of class. We arrived in the evening and had vegetable stew, roasted root vegetables, zucchini cookies and fresh salsa. Each child then talked about their favorite part and their favorite vegetables. It was a nice evening and the food was really good(surprise, I'm not a vegetable eater.)
We will sign up again next year and maybe even try to grow more then our tomato plants we grow every year.
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