Thursday, September 23, 2010

Funny things I've learned about me lately

Great protein powder for those who can't have soy or dairy(whey).
I make a fruit/protein smoothie everyday to be sure I get my fruit in for the day. Blueberries, banana, and cherries and then a large spoonful of peanut butter and some V8 Fusion juice to mix it all together. Well after doing p90x for about a month, I realized I needed a stronger protein, so I bought the above egg protein since I can't have whey or soy. It took awhile, and even with having to rest my knee(not exercising) I lost weight. I still only do my arms, chest and back twice a week and then walk the other days. I plan on adding Kempo this week and see how that goes. I wasn't trying, but cutting out a huge amount of fat(contained in the peanut butter) the weight melted off. At the start of p90x in April, I weighted 131, at the doctor's last week I weighted 121. (that might not last long, I was sick a few weeks ago and couldn't eat.) I don't want to be skinny, I want to be healthy with nice muscle definition(getting the muscles out from under the fat is the problem). Cut out the fat and wow. Who Knew?
Cenny made brownie when I was sick and it was amazing, over 1/4 of them were left and had to be tossed. I thought that was strange(I din't eat any), I'm sure it isn't me who eats most of the brownies. I have 4 good size boys and Cenny who eats us all under the table at times. Well every good scientist does another test, so a week or so later Zeke made brownies. I didn't eat any and again I threw 1/4 away. I AM THE BROWNIE EATER. Who knew?
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