Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cereal Deal of the century and beyond

Hyvee ran a deal with General Mills cereal. Buy 6 boxes get 10 dollars off and then a 6 dollar off anything coupon prints and a 2 dollar off cereal coupon prints. When you purchase Count Chocula and Frankenberry with the coupons the deal is free and you make 3 dollars on every 6 boxes. I figured they could not give me money so I off set all the purchases with other items and ended up with 25 free jars of Peter Pan peanut butter. Gunnar came out of work Friday mad at me for being too conservative with the deal and this is with a garage full of over 140 boxes of different cereal.(Chex, Cherrios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch etc. were 54 cents for 6 boxes) He told me some guy came in and bought cases and went out the door with cash, lots of it. The four kids went in and after three hours we went home with 89 plus cases(12 boxes per case) and over 500 dollars in cash. Gunnar was pretty proud of himself. Now we wait until the 27th of Sept for the food drive at school and his class should win at the HS this year. He is saving over 250 dollars for his senior trip, Qatar is saving 170 for a phone program, Zeke is saving over 50 for ?, Cenny is saving over 20 for ? and at the State Fair they all used their own money and they were cheap with it. YEAAH!!!!!!!! We have enough cereal to eat for months and hundreds of boxes to give to the food drive. I've never had any store give me back money when I've bought something. This may never happen again.
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