Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day 2008 Photos

Finally, I got the card reader and now my photos are downloaded to the computer. Here is a slide show of the Memorial Day photos and fun.

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Recital

Gunnar, Qatar, and Ezekiel had a piano recital last night and it was very nice. Our piano teacher, Mrs Muzik(Not kidding, and her husband was the band teacher for years at the high school), serves dinner between the two shows. She has over 30 students and so she splits them according to ability, the new players play first and then after dinner the students who have been playing longer. Qatar and Ezekiel played in the first half and then Gunnar in the second group. Gunnar played in the best spot of the night, the spot after dinner but before the first group leaves. Gunnar played " Theme to the Apartment" Qatar played "The Purple Cow" and a fun tune. Ezekiel played "Cannon in D", and a jazzy piece. Ezekiel also played during dinner, but with a few draw backs, Gunnar played after dinner and the piano was greasy. Both Qatar and Ezekiel got three dollars for memorizing their pieces. During the night I was looking around the room and realized that eight other students were there from referrals from us, yet no referral bonus, HUM.
It was a nice night of fun music. Connett, and Benjamin also played in the recital and did very well. The camera is still not downloading.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

The day started with a parade downtown and a program. Gunnar played in the marching band and the Registers walked in the parade handing out flags, both in uniform. I had photos of both, but the camera is not allowing me to download right now. These photos are from Ashley.
We then went to a picnic at the Anderson's. The ward was there and so was lots of water for the kids to play in. The weather was beautiful, not to warm, not to cold. The picnic was fun, the kids played with water guns and got Bonnie really wet. JT dunked himself in a large tub of water and then ran around with blue lips from being so cold. He finally took of his soaked shirt to get warm. Vanessa made cookies and I made myself ill from having too many, again, I may never learn.
After the picnic we went home and realized we forgot the camera, so David and I rode our bikes back to get it. a bit over 5 miles round trip and I was really tired when we got back home. We cleaned out some of our bookshelves and now have lots of books and items to get rid of. I think the books are procreating on the shelf, how else do we have so many?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Graduation Time.

We are now full swing into graduation party time. High school seniors are having huge parties in their yards to celebrate their achievements. We have several invitations in the next few weeks.
Yesterday the party was for Mark White JR. He graduated from Southland High School and is almost done with his associate degree from Riverland Community College.
Here is Minnesota a Junior in high school can attend college, payed for by the state education council. I really hope my kids take advantage of this great opportunity and graduate from high school with an associated degree also. What a huge savings of money and time for these kids who take advantage of this fantastic offer.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I am tired! I know why they call it work!

I subbed four times this week. I am TIRED!! It has been a good sub week, I got to play in preschool on Wednesday. Monday and Friday were fun days at two schools, so fun time, no teaching, just supervision. Tuesday I floated to three different rooms to fill in for meetings. It was a great week to sub.
I love subbing preschool, six hours of play and fun. Painting, reading, singing. gym games and snacks. I am becoming pretty good at Fishes and Whales. I did have to pitch the kick-ball at Sumner on Monday, and well since I have not played kick-ball since fifth grade, I did have to take a few practice pitches.
Subbing has its great days and its not so great, want to cry, days. This week was great and I am putting the money into my Iceland Vacation Fund. The one place I never thought of as a vacation destination. I hope my parents learn the language well enough to take us around and impress us.
Just a shot of some kids, mine and Vanessa's. I have so many pictures I have to use them somewhere.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Qatar fought the law and the law won!

Qatar was involved in vandalism on Tuesday at the fair grounds. The story goes, there was a sign on the ground under some items and Qatar pointed it out and two of the other boys in the group then destroyed the sign. The police called all the parents and the kids involved, about 10, and interviewed everyone. They took Qatar's name, address, birth date, etc. We are now waiting to hear what else is going to happen.
While we wait Qatar is grounded to work. He will be pulling weeds,(that should take most of the summer) cleaning cars, cleaning bathrooms, picking up trash, etc, if you have anything that needs done let me know and I will send him over. He is cleaning out Bonnie's car Saturday.
I hope he works enough to never want to be involved in anything like this again. He is never going to the fair grounds without an adult again, at least until he is an adult. He will also be finding some new friends.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Concert Season

Last night was the High School Choir concert and Gunnar sings in the Freshmen Choir. We listened to him and then sat through all the other choirs and the senior tribute(baby and senior photos, roses, lots of hugs and tears) to see Gunnar sing with all the choirs together. Well, tonight at the High School band concert, the band is not all playing together at the end so we can sneak out after the Freshmen. YEA!!!!!! Black on black is the concert uniform for the night. Yes Mom, he needs a hair cut.
Bike Fun!! Oh, I forgot about the bugs in my eyes. I was riding my new bike on the paths by the river and sure enough bugs in my eyes. I need to remember my sunglasses and to keep my mouth closed. I also need to get in better shape. I am tired and I only rode about 3 miles. But to be fair, I did sub today at Southgate and I am tired from two days of subbing in a row. Kids are lots of work, even when they are not your own.

Monday, May 19, 2008

What did you do with your Stimulus Package?

This is what I did, after the new washing machine from a few weeks ago, a new bike. Yea!!! Electra Townie and it is so cute and so fun to ride. Gunnar said it is such a "Girl Bike", I said "Good I am a girl." Fun summer ahead of bike riding and saving on gas. It is blue with splash paint and fenders, internal gears, only 3 but, Austin is pretty flat. Light blue grips and seat. SOOOOOO Cute. I have wanted a new bike for years. My Raleigh from 1981 has been gone for many years, my Huffy lasted about one summer and now I am back to riding. Wind in my hair and exercise who could ask for more.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Scottish Festival

We went to the Scottish Festival in Farmington yesterday. This is a annual event for the last 6 years, Bonnie and I started going when it was at McAllister College in St Paul. They have moved it to the fair grounds in Farmington. I love the Scottish Bands and the KILTS. What is it about KILTS. They are pretty hot.
At the festival we have been volunteering for three years making balloon animals in the family tent. We make many different items, but mostly swords and hats. Some of the kids must have had 15 swords or more. They are soft compared to the wood swords they sell at the festival. We always have lots of fun and eat lots of food. David went for the first time this year, and he tried Scotch Eggs, Haggis, and Suet. They were OK, I did like the Scotch Eggs. My favorite food is the crapes and I am going to get a crape maker for myself soon.
Here are some photos and the slide show on the side will be the Scottish Festival.

Dave Ramsey

My brother, Randy, got to see Dave Ramsey live last night and I am so jealous. I love Dave and his book, Total Money Makeover. I cannot wait until he comes close to Austin. Dave has changed our financial life for the better. This is his Website
I have also been reading other books on personal finance and the book, Your Broke Because You Want to Be, is very interesting with great quotes.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stupid Children or Gunnar

Well I got a call from the band teacher, again. This time Gunnar and a few friends were bored in band and were daring each other to do stupid things. Gunnar is not that fast, as in speed, and is very slow when going and doing things. He walks everywhere like he has his whole life to get there and when you tell him to hurry he gets slower and slower. He got caught by the teacher with his pants off, all the other stupid boys had the smarts and the speed to get them back on without getting caught. He got sent to the office and now we await the official letter from the school to come telling us we have a sexual offender for a son. Hopefully it will be seen as a end of the year prank and he will get off easy.
I am sick top my stomach worried about him and the trip to DC he will miss if his grades do not go up. I told Gunnar today that I cannot worry anymore, if he gets his grades up let me know and I will pay for the trip if there is still time.
My sister Heidi is pregnant with their second and WOW it is much easier to have babies then teenagers. Babies are sweet and they smell sweet. Teenagers are nasty and they stink, really bad. Babies want to kiss you and be close to you. Teenagers just want to get away and pretend they do not know you, unless they need money. Babies never need money. Appreciate the babies you have, because they will someday be stinky, nasty, money needing teenagers.
This photo is from a play Gunnar was in, in the fall. I should have known there would be a problem after this shot of the male cast members running the halls of the school in their underwear.

Single Mother

I am not the single mother type, I never have been. The role of single motherhood is one I do not want and know I would suck at. David went to visit his parents on Sat. and returned last night. YEA!!!! I do not sleep well when he is gone, I have logistics problems with picking up, dropping off and just plain knowing where everyone is at any given time. I also start to stay in my pajamas toooooo much. I feel for all you moms who have husbands who travel. I need mine at home with us. He is the other half of this operation and when he is gone nothing runs like it should. A day or so sure, but more then that and critical failure can occur. (Pajamas all day, cereal and poptarts for dinner, etc.) Now normal life can return to the Peters home.

Davids dad had bypass surgery done on his heart on Monday and is doing great. David went down for moral support and to help with what he could. We are all grateful the operation went well and that Frank is up and recovering fast.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Concerts at the end of the year.

Last night I attended the High School Orchestra Concert. Gunnar plays the tuba, so he is also in the symphony orchestra for 9th grade. They played three songs and he played in the last one, and then I sat through the concert orchestra and then the varsity. At the end of the concert all the orchestras got on the stage and played together. I am glad I sat through the whole concert, the last song was amazing. All the groups together did an fantastic job. I could even pick out the tuba here and there.
Tonight Qatar had a Choir Concert at the Paramount Theatre and he did a great job also. They sung songs about how school rocks and they even had some cool moves during the show.
It seems the next two weeks are cram packed with concerts and activities. Next week is High School Band, Ellis Band, and then High School Choir. Gunnar, Qatar, and Zeke have a piano recital on the 29th. But, I am glad my children are interested in music, I feel music is very important and the friends they make in music classes are great. If you want good friends for your kids, music classes are a great place to look for them.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sub Work and My Gunnar

I subbed at Ellis today in a Language Arts 8th grade class. I have been subbing since October and it is OK. I did want to mention the sub job I had at the High School last Monday. I subbed for a special ed room and had a two hour lunch/prep in the middle of the day, so I went on the hunt for Gunnar's teachers and for Gunnar. I ran into the band teacher and orchestra teacher and then found the ap lang arts teacher in the hall by her room. I never found the math teacher, and found ap history during a class so I waited outside for Gunnar and his teacher.
While waiting, one of his classmates came out and went to his locker. When he returned to class, the class got loud and Gunnar stuck his head out the door to find out why I was waiting outside. I said, "I wanted to go to lunch with you." He of course laughed and went back to class. Then after the bell, he came out to see what I really wanted. I told him lunch and that I would meet him at band after school and we could walk home together. Well he said "NO WAY" walked off and I went to talk with his history teacher.
Well Gunnar beat me home by at least 10 mins and I am not a slow walker. He was not thrilled by my teaching at the High School, but I found it to be quite fun, I was able to say "Hi" to all his friends I saw in the hall and tried to get him to talk with me more.

It is awful when you embarrass your own children. I did make it up to myself at the spaghetti dinner fund raiser on Friday. I grabbed Gunnar from the back, on my way out, and kissed him on the cheek several times and said, "I looooove you Gunnar, don't be late getting home tonight baby." If looks could kill! By the way Qatar was very excited to have me teach at Ellis and even looked for me after school, he wanted a ride home.
My Aunt Bonnie gave me a Mothers Day card with a saying about doing what you like and just letting your kids keep pretending they do not know you, it also played the song, "You Know I'm Here For the Party". I will do what I like and the kids can just pretend not to know me, but I know if they need anything while I am at school they will find me. Especially if they need money! I have the power.

Meeting needs

Well Ezekiel informed me this morning that I was unable to meet his NEEDS. I was making lunches and yelling for everyone to get up and get dressed and he wanted help with a costume for pioneer day at the historical society school house. I told him to figure it out himself and all of the the sudden I was the worse mom in the world. I do appreciate that he waited until after Mothers Day to inform me of my short comings. I would like to know what therapist he is seeing behind my back and why I am not meeting his NEEDS.

He found the cords, I told him he had in his room, after a lot of yelling about how I was no help and a rotten mom and that if I was better Qatar would be doing better in school and not grounded. He got a jab in for everyone in the house. Cenny always got new clothes, why the boys all suffer with old things and never get new things. Then, Gunnar is always allowed to stay up and do what he wants and I never can. Then came ME with, "I am to busy to worry about what you are going to wear to lunch at the school house, wear what you want to and grow up." Grow Up my favorite line to use on them. But, I was tired of being yelled at, and not meeting his needs. Whose needs does he think I am meeting everyday, because they are not usually mine.

Well, he found the cords and a button down shirt and was happy as a clam when we got in the car to go to school. Except his lunch was in plastic bags and he was sure that would not be OK. TOO BAD!!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Good eaters

Not to brag about the good eaters I have in my family, BUT. We were watching a video about Johnny Appleseed and they were singing about the different items you can make with apples and apple pickles were mentioned. JT popped up with, "Apple pickles, I want to try those!"
Well so do I, but all I can find is a recipe and not place to buy them on line. I will look at the grocery store next week. Let me know if you have any ideas.


Well we had a big surprise this morning when we went to clean the hamster cage. Cenneidigh yelled out and then cried, "I think one of the hamster's is eating the other one." I ran over there and yes one was munching on a pile of blood and fur. YUCK!!!!!
Well we dumped the whole cage in the garbage and took the cannibalistic hamster out to the country to be free and wild, like he is. Maybe no more hamsters for us. What a zoo it is around this house some days.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Fund raiser

Gunnar had a Spaghetti Dinner Fund Raiser for his AP history class trip to DC tonight. We went along with many family members and friends to help Gunnar with the cost of the trip. The dinner was at a church so there was a piano and I told Zeke he should play a song. Well he did with Uncle Eric's help and he did not stop until we left. He played everything he had memorized and everyone told him how well he played, so he kept playing and playing and playing. Gunnar went and played a tune or two to be sure everyone knew he was better then Zeke. But, it was a nice meal with many high school kids helping everyone and lots of fun. This is a photo of the group on the trip.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Awana Awards Night

Ezekiel, Cenneidigh, and JT all attend AWANA at the Crane Chapel. AWANA is a bible based children's program. I attended when I was younger and I really loved it, so when Cenneidigh's friend asked if she could go last year I said yes. Now the three kids go each Wednesday night from 6:30pm to 8pm.
Last night was the end of the year awards ceremony and Cenneidigh and JT both were awarded Clubbers of the month. (They had made the most points for those two month, sept and jan.) They also all received ribbons for this years classes. After the awards we all had cake in the gym.
Here are some photos of the night.

Cleaning out the fountain

Now that the weather has improved and spring is finally here, we are cleaning out the yard. Leaves and sticks everywhere. The kids have discovered how fun a shovel is and now are digging holes all over the yard. Parker and I cleaned out the fountain today and then replaced the pump and filled it up. We then dropped in bleach tablets and planted pansies and snapdragons around the outside. I am going to get a few other flowers to fill in and then it will be done. I say that WE cleaned out the fountain, because Parker had his nose in everything I was doing. I was in the fountain cleaning out the leaves and gunk and he was in the fountain with me. He is so funny. He needs to be involved in everything we do and always is whining if alone.
Here is a photo if him with the two hamsters. They are all interested in each other.

New sidewalks

Well the city of Austin has decided on updating the city and is improving 4th st and 2nd ave sidewalks. So instead of vacation this year we will be installing new sidewalks at the tune of about $2200. I wonder if this is an emergency. I did not have a sidewalk savings account. It is bad enough spending money on things like toilet paper and paper towels, but now sidewalks that are fine and usable, but not as pretty as they could be. This has really bummed me out.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

1st Post

Well here it goes. I will try to keep up with the coming and goings of my life. Thanks for looking.