Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Concert Season

Last night was the High School Choir concert and Gunnar sings in the Freshmen Choir. We listened to him and then sat through all the other choirs and the senior tribute(baby and senior photos, roses, lots of hugs and tears) to see Gunnar sing with all the choirs together. Well, tonight at the High School band concert, the band is not all playing together at the end so we can sneak out after the Freshmen. YEA!!!!!! Black on black is the concert uniform for the night. Yes Mom, he needs a hair cut.
Bike Fun!! Oh, I forgot about the bugs in my eyes. I was riding my new bike on the paths by the river and sure enough bugs in my eyes. I need to remember my sunglasses and to keep my mouth closed. I also need to get in better shape. I am tired and I only rode about 3 miles. But to be fair, I did sub today at Southgate and I am tired from two days of subbing in a row. Kids are lots of work, even when they are not your own.
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