Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cleaning out the fountain

Now that the weather has improved and spring is finally here, we are cleaning out the yard. Leaves and sticks everywhere. The kids have discovered how fun a shovel is and now are digging holes all over the yard. Parker and I cleaned out the fountain today and then replaced the pump and filled it up. We then dropped in bleach tablets and planted pansies and snapdragons around the outside. I am going to get a few other flowers to fill in and then it will be done. I say that WE cleaned out the fountain, because Parker had his nose in everything I was doing. I was in the fountain cleaning out the leaves and gunk and he was in the fountain with me. He is so funny. He needs to be involved in everything we do and always is whining if alone.
Here is a photo if him with the two hamsters. They are all interested in each other.
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