Monday, May 12, 2008

Sub Work and My Gunnar

I subbed at Ellis today in a Language Arts 8th grade class. I have been subbing since October and it is OK. I did want to mention the sub job I had at the High School last Monday. I subbed for a special ed room and had a two hour lunch/prep in the middle of the day, so I went on the hunt for Gunnar's teachers and for Gunnar. I ran into the band teacher and orchestra teacher and then found the ap lang arts teacher in the hall by her room. I never found the math teacher, and found ap history during a class so I waited outside for Gunnar and his teacher.
While waiting, one of his classmates came out and went to his locker. When he returned to class, the class got loud and Gunnar stuck his head out the door to find out why I was waiting outside. I said, "I wanted to go to lunch with you." He of course laughed and went back to class. Then after the bell, he came out to see what I really wanted. I told him lunch and that I would meet him at band after school and we could walk home together. Well he said "NO WAY" walked off and I went to talk with his history teacher.
Well Gunnar beat me home by at least 10 mins and I am not a slow walker. He was not thrilled by my teaching at the High School, but I found it to be quite fun, I was able to say "Hi" to all his friends I saw in the hall and tried to get him to talk with me more.

It is awful when you embarrass your own children. I did make it up to myself at the spaghetti dinner fund raiser on Friday. I grabbed Gunnar from the back, on my way out, and kissed him on the cheek several times and said, "I looooove you Gunnar, don't be late getting home tonight baby." If looks could kill! By the way Qatar was very excited to have me teach at Ellis and even looked for me after school, he wanted a ride home.
My Aunt Bonnie gave me a Mothers Day card with a saying about doing what you like and just letting your kids keep pretending they do not know you, it also played the song, "You Know I'm Here For the Party". I will do what I like and the kids can just pretend not to know me, but I know if they need anything while I am at school they will find me. Especially if they need money! I have the power.
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