Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stupid Children or Gunnar

Well I got a call from the band teacher, again. This time Gunnar and a few friends were bored in band and were daring each other to do stupid things. Gunnar is not that fast, as in speed, and is very slow when going and doing things. He walks everywhere like he has his whole life to get there and when you tell him to hurry he gets slower and slower. He got caught by the teacher with his pants off, all the other stupid boys had the smarts and the speed to get them back on without getting caught. He got sent to the office and now we await the official letter from the school to come telling us we have a sexual offender for a son. Hopefully it will be seen as a end of the year prank and he will get off easy.
I am sick top my stomach worried about him and the trip to DC he will miss if his grades do not go up. I told Gunnar today that I cannot worry anymore, if he gets his grades up let me know and I will pay for the trip if there is still time.
My sister Heidi is pregnant with their second and WOW it is much easier to have babies then teenagers. Babies are sweet and they smell sweet. Teenagers are nasty and they stink, really bad. Babies want to kiss you and be close to you. Teenagers just want to get away and pretend they do not know you, unless they need money. Babies never need money. Appreciate the babies you have, because they will someday be stinky, nasty, money needing teenagers.
This photo is from a play Gunnar was in, in the fall. I should have known there would be a problem after this shot of the male cast members running the halls of the school in their underwear.
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