Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

The day started with a parade downtown and a program. Gunnar played in the marching band and the Registers walked in the parade handing out flags, both in uniform. I had photos of both, but the camera is not allowing me to download right now. These photos are from Ashley.
We then went to a picnic at the Anderson's. The ward was there and so was lots of water for the kids to play in. The weather was beautiful, not to warm, not to cold. The picnic was fun, the kids played with water guns and got Bonnie really wet. JT dunked himself in a large tub of water and then ran around with blue lips from being so cold. He finally took of his soaked shirt to get warm. Vanessa made cookies and I made myself ill from having too many, again, I may never learn.
After the picnic we went home and realized we forgot the camera, so David and I rode our bikes back to get it. a bit over 5 miles round trip and I was really tired when we got back home. We cleaned out some of our bookshelves and now have lots of books and items to get rid of. I think the books are procreating on the shelf, how else do we have so many?
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