Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Concerts at the end of the year.

Last night I attended the High School Orchestra Concert. Gunnar plays the tuba, so he is also in the symphony orchestra for 9th grade. They played three songs and he played in the last one, and then I sat through the concert orchestra and then the varsity. At the end of the concert all the orchestras got on the stage and played together. I am glad I sat through the whole concert, the last song was amazing. All the groups together did an fantastic job. I could even pick out the tuba here and there.
Tonight Qatar had a Choir Concert at the Paramount Theatre and he did a great job also. They sung songs about how school rocks and they even had some cool moves during the show.
It seems the next two weeks are cram packed with concerts and activities. Next week is High School Band, Ellis Band, and then High School Choir. Gunnar, Qatar, and Zeke have a piano recital on the 29th. But, I am glad my children are interested in music, I feel music is very important and the friends they make in music classes are great. If you want good friends for your kids, music classes are a great place to look for them.
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