Thursday, May 15, 2008

Single Mother

I am not the single mother type, I never have been. The role of single motherhood is one I do not want and know I would suck at. David went to visit his parents on Sat. and returned last night. YEA!!!! I do not sleep well when he is gone, I have logistics problems with picking up, dropping off and just plain knowing where everyone is at any given time. I also start to stay in my pajamas toooooo much. I feel for all you moms who have husbands who travel. I need mine at home with us. He is the other half of this operation and when he is gone nothing runs like it should. A day or so sure, but more then that and critical failure can occur. (Pajamas all day, cereal and poptarts for dinner, etc.) Now normal life can return to the Peters home.

Davids dad had bypass surgery done on his heart on Monday and is doing great. David went down for moral support and to help with what he could. We are all grateful the operation went well and that Frank is up and recovering fast.
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