Friday, May 30, 2008

The Recital

Gunnar, Qatar, and Ezekiel had a piano recital last night and it was very nice. Our piano teacher, Mrs Muzik(Not kidding, and her husband was the band teacher for years at the high school), serves dinner between the two shows. She has over 30 students and so she splits them according to ability, the new players play first and then after dinner the students who have been playing longer. Qatar and Ezekiel played in the first half and then Gunnar in the second group. Gunnar played in the best spot of the night, the spot after dinner but before the first group leaves. Gunnar played " Theme to the Apartment" Qatar played "The Purple Cow" and a fun tune. Ezekiel played "Cannon in D", and a jazzy piece. Ezekiel also played during dinner, but with a few draw backs, Gunnar played after dinner and the piano was greasy. Both Qatar and Ezekiel got three dollars for memorizing their pieces. During the night I was looking around the room and realized that eight other students were there from referrals from us, yet no referral bonus, HUM.
It was a nice night of fun music. Connett, and Benjamin also played in the recital and did very well. The camera is still not downloading.
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