Friday, May 23, 2008

I am tired! I know why they call it work!

I subbed four times this week. I am TIRED!! It has been a good sub week, I got to play in preschool on Wednesday. Monday and Friday were fun days at two schools, so fun time, no teaching, just supervision. Tuesday I floated to three different rooms to fill in for meetings. It was a great week to sub.
I love subbing preschool, six hours of play and fun. Painting, reading, singing. gym games and snacks. I am becoming pretty good at Fishes and Whales. I did have to pitch the kick-ball at Sumner on Monday, and well since I have not played kick-ball since fifth grade, I did have to take a few practice pitches.
Subbing has its great days and its not so great, want to cry, days. This week was great and I am putting the money into my Iceland Vacation Fund. The one place I never thought of as a vacation destination. I hope my parents learn the language well enough to take us around and impress us.
Just a shot of some kids, mine and Vanessa's. I have so many pictures I have to use them somewhere.
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