Thursday, May 22, 2008

Qatar fought the law and the law won!

Qatar was involved in vandalism on Tuesday at the fair grounds. The story goes, there was a sign on the ground under some items and Qatar pointed it out and two of the other boys in the group then destroyed the sign. The police called all the parents and the kids involved, about 10, and interviewed everyone. They took Qatar's name, address, birth date, etc. We are now waiting to hear what else is going to happen.
While we wait Qatar is grounded to work. He will be pulling weeds,(that should take most of the summer) cleaning cars, cleaning bathrooms, picking up trash, etc, if you have anything that needs done let me know and I will send him over. He is cleaning out Bonnie's car Saturday.
I hope he works enough to never want to be involved in anything like this again. He is never going to the fair grounds without an adult again, at least until he is an adult. He will also be finding some new friends.
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