Monday, May 12, 2008

Meeting needs

Well Ezekiel informed me this morning that I was unable to meet his NEEDS. I was making lunches and yelling for everyone to get up and get dressed and he wanted help with a costume for pioneer day at the historical society school house. I told him to figure it out himself and all of the the sudden I was the worse mom in the world. I do appreciate that he waited until after Mothers Day to inform me of my short comings. I would like to know what therapist he is seeing behind my back and why I am not meeting his NEEDS.

He found the cords, I told him he had in his room, after a lot of yelling about how I was no help and a rotten mom and that if I was better Qatar would be doing better in school and not grounded. He got a jab in for everyone in the house. Cenny always got new clothes, why the boys all suffer with old things and never get new things. Then, Gunnar is always allowed to stay up and do what he wants and I never can. Then came ME with, "I am to busy to worry about what you are going to wear to lunch at the school house, wear what you want to and grow up." Grow Up my favorite line to use on them. But, I was tired of being yelled at, and not meeting his needs. Whose needs does he think I am meeting everyday, because they are not usually mine.

Well, he found the cords and a button down shirt and was happy as a clam when we got in the car to go to school. Except his lunch was in plastic bags and he was sure that would not be OK. TOO BAD!!!!!
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