Thursday, March 4, 2010

Qwest vs. Charter

I called Charter to change my services, cancelled cable and then wanted a deal on internet and phone. I could only get one if I upped my services and without the cable and my year deal, my service for phone and internet went up to 113 a month. I cancelled and signed with Qwest for 59.00 a month for faster internet and the same phone service minus the free long distance which we never used anyway. I want internet and phone for 60 a month forever, what is the problem? I hate the get more services get a better price. I don't need or want more, I haven't missed cable at all. We have so much to watch as it is with Netflix and playon it is ridiculous. Get a clue people, lower prices for customers more happy customers or I will keep changing companies every year, seems like a waste of both are time.
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