Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jimmy Wayne Concert in Clear Lake

I heard on the radio that Jimmy Wayne was coming to the Surf Ballroom so I looked it up on-line and then him on Itunes(he sounded familiar but I'm awful with names.) I love several of his songs so I called Amanda and I bought tickets. Bonnie was going to come and then she fell on the ice and hurt herself(Ice is a killer this year.) Megan took Bonnies ticket and came along.
The drive down was quick, but I got the giggles and didn't get rid of them until I got home. We ate at the Boathouse right next door and the sandwich I had was good. The waiter was interesting(in a good way.) They only served cheese cake and French silk pie, so we walked over to another restaurant and they only served cheese cake and key lime pie, the bowling alley only served candy and you had to remove your shoes at the door.(the carpet would get wet from shoes so everyone was in stocking feet or bowling shoes. The whole doorway was full of shoes,I should have taken a photo)
We ended up at the Island for cheese cake, but Megan asked and they also had apple pie. After a long interview regarding the pie, Megan ordered it and Amanda got Key Lime and I got a Coke to keep me awake.
The concert was LOUD, the opening act started at 9pm. Jimmy came on stage at about 10pm and I was yawning. We were two people from the stage and Megan gave me a shove and he grabbed my hand(Yeah!) He surfed the crowd twice and he was extremely personable. He sang a few of my favorite songs, of his, and the crowd sang along. We got home a bit before one in the morning and wow I'm exhausted and then Qatar woke me up at 4:45AM to take him to school for a science competition. Can you say "Tired".
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