Tuesday, March 16, 2010

books 34 and 35

David does not think I should count this book because it is like a picture book, but I've read the others and really enjoy them. And anyway it is my contest, not his. Highly recommend any of the Post secret books.
Wow what an eye opening book. Read this and learn about yourself and everyone else around you. I am going to try different ways to help my children learn from now on. WOW!!! Highly recommended. Carrot and stick motivation is a thing of the past, what we all need is Intrinsic motivation not external. Loved it and I see how I get older more of my life is governed by Intrinsic motivation and less by external. It has to mean something to me now, not just a prize at the end of the journey. I want to read and document as many books as I can this year and I am not competing with anyone but myself. Like Dave Ramsey says. "You are the same person a year from now except for the people you meet and the books you read." Read read read. you will love this book.
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