Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project
I've been thinking about this book since my mother-in-law told me about it. I've requested it at the library, but I'm 8th so it could take awhile. It sounds interesting and I'm looking forward to reading it.
After reading the book, Sue was telling me about the day her oldest was diagnosed with cancer and how all she wanted was to go back to the day before, her life before, even with all its imperfections and flaws. The day before had been perfect, life before had been paradise. I've thought about that and come up with the fact, that my life is pretty good. Five beautiful children, a husband who encourages me to do whatever I desire, a drive to improve, and more wonderful gifts then I could ever number. So why do I complain? Thats a thought to think about now and here is what I've come up with so far(and I haven't even read the book yet.)

The first year I subbed was difficult, I dreaded the morning call. When I came home in the afternoon all I wanted was to be left alone and to eat. I put on six pounds the first year, what a shock when June came and I couldn't fit most of my summer clothes. I expressed my concerns to a teacher one lunch hour, the next fall and she told me, "It is rarely a good day when a sub is involved. The kids know they can get away with things they normally can't and they will push your buttons. So don't sweat it, do the best you can, relax and try to enjoy them." Well I tried and it was amazing what happened. My assigned jobs were suddenly so much more fun, the kids were better behaved and the day flew by.
I've discovered that it really wasn't the assignments as much as it was my attitude about those assignments. If I take the time to get excited about the coming day and the classroom I receive, I always have a great day. If I'm running late and not prepared then all bets are off. My subbing jobs have been a wonderful experience this year and I have enjoyed almost everyone of them. I'm no longer looking at it as something I have to endure, but more like a process, an escapade, what interesting things, and fun kids await me next. I'm never disappointed by the classes and the things they do, especially if I know things are not going to be text book perfect. Even yesterdays cold fire drill was fun to think about. Some of the kids jumped around, some just stood frowning complaining, some huddled together to stay warm, and some smiled and laughed knowing they were missing class. I even smiled knowing I was missing class. Funny how when you think you are getting away with something that no one else is, it is suddenly more enjoyable.

Now just to look at the rest of my life. Well here it goes: Today is a good day and the things we get done and the things we don't, all leads itself to the adventure. I'm getting away with happiness, more maybe then anyone else and when this life is done I'll remember laughing in the cold. Life is not about finishing first, or best, or even in the top ten. Its about the experience, the ride, the lives that touch ours and the day to day. "Ain't about about how fast I get there, ain't about whats waitin on the other side, its the Climb." Love that Miley.
So raise a glass to TODAY! May it be the best day so far.
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