Friday, March 19, 2010

Books 36, 37 and 38

Good, chilling and scary. A hospital and prison for the criminally insane. Two rangers investigate an escape on the island, in the Boston harbor. The main character Teddy is dealing with his own issues and the death of his wife. Great story, fast pace and then it broke my heart. Do not read this unless you like to cry. I will not be seeing the movie. I may never get the end out of my head.
Strange and long, I listened to it on CD in the car going here and there and wow it was long. It was about the waterless flood coming, a plague in the future and events leading up to it. Religious Bible preaching and strange new genetic engineered creatures. Weird is the only thing I can say about this book.
Funny romantic comedy and one Mormon mention(handing her a drink she refuses he goes though a list of reasons, one was Are you Mormon?)
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