Monday, March 29, 2010

Books 42 and 43

Slow in the beginning, but funny as it warmed up. I listened to this on a Playaway from the library and sped it up to three most of the time. I love the speed controls, three cut off about 15 seconds every minute, but the end I listened to in two to make sure I didn't miss anything. "A smile lurking behind a laugh." The story is about a marriage and an injury that makes them both rethink what they are doing, they separate and then the husband becomes the man he was before they got married and everything changes. It takes awhile, but the premise is that you can find paradise anywhere, if you try hard enough. Both people forgot to try, they got caught up in life and let the things that matter drift away and then were almost sure they could not find them again. The whole town got wrapped up in the separation and everyone started to really work on their personal relationship. They all discovered things about each other and about themselves that they had lost in the progression of time and the business of life. It was a good thing to think about. When did we stop caring what we looked like and when did we stop saying thank you for the basic things others do for us? There is not work, laundry, dishes, or clean house faerie, but we take those things for-granted and expect them to be done and we only really notice when they aren't done for awhile. Life is busy, but relationships are lasting and need work, work that can never be overlooked for any other reason.
Long, Long, long and Long. The story was long, I don't want anyone to forget that. It was long, the end was sweet, but not worth the LONG LONG LONG story.
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