Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ezekiel birthday party

Zeke wanted a party this year with friends, so he planned the whole thing. He told me what he needed and I decided on cinnamon rolls and cookies to decorate instead of a cake. He had a Percy Jackson party and everyone went sleding and then followed clues to find the treasure box. They seemed to have a great time and the weather was perfect for being outside.
He received two copies of the Percy Jackson Ultimate Guide and one had a gift receipt so he can return it for something else Percy worthy. He did a great job with the invitations and the planning. David is sick in bed and since Zeke and I were home most of the week with the flu or cold it was nice for me to have him put the work into the party. Not a bad way to have a birthday party. I think they should all plan their own parties from now on. I should write a book on how to be the laziest mother and still have happy kids.
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