Friday, September 4, 2009

Rudeness and how to avoid it.

I was watching Oprah the other day and she did a show on Rudeness and how 85% of the population complains about the rudeness of others and 99% said they are never rude themselves. Well someone is confused that's for sure. Have you done any of the following:

1. Been late for any reason.

2. Email while on the phone.(this one I do not agree with, multitasking is my life.)

3. Taken a parking spot you know someones else is waiting for.

4. Answered a Cell phone while talking to another person.

5. Answering you call waiting for a non-needed call.(non-emergency or you were waiting for someone to return a call or call.)

6. Spoken you mind without worry to what others might think, or hurting others feeling, or writing your feeling where others will read them?

7. Expect someone who is a family member, or friend to drop their life to help you out(non-emergency item you just don't want the hassle) when you aren't even willing to drop your life to help yourself? Some people cannot say 'NO' it does not mean we take advantage of them.

8. Gossip

9. Do you use the ten item or less line with more items?

10. Do you let your children cry, yell, or talk loudly in meetings, church, theatre or other quiet areas?

11. Do you forget to RSVP or do it late?

12. Do you cut in line?

13. Texting or taking or making a call during a meeting, church, theatre, or other quiet areas?

14. Thought you were better then a service worker and left a small or no tip because of any reason? Most problems are not always ones they create, do not take someone else's mistake out on the wrong person.

Peggy Tabor Millin once said, "We never touch people so lightly that we do not leave a trace."

Being rude is really just transferring your feelings of inadequacies about 'whatever' to other people and their behaviors.

Everyone we know or meet has the opportunity to feel who we really are, are we who we want to be or are we too busy to really care about others? Polite behavior, a thank you, and a please are never out of place or out of fashion. Think about that the next time you decide something needs to be said or done, does it really? What difference will it make? If the answer is that it will make you feel better, then don't do it. Write it down, yell at the air(when your alone), or let it go. Rude behavior is something we all do, lets stop and see what happens. I bet we will all feel closer to each other and to the Lord.
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