Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gross and stinky mess

This is what happens when you tell your son to go put a bucket of old potatoes in the garage so they can be thrown away at the next trash day. Gunnar put them in the bucket sideways on the shelf in the garage farthest from the door. We forgot about them and yuck. I was moving things and I the smell hit me first. I almost threw up when I picked up the bucket and realized what it was and what was crawling and growing around the mess.

David was sweet enough to bleach and clean up the shelf and the floor around the mess. The whole thing went in the trash and I was worried that even the garbage man might refuse to take it, it was that bad. The bag was Innocent, but it had to go from sitting in the mess at all. Yes those are maggots and lots of casings from other things, yet the garage is bug free, STRANGE!!!! Where did they all go? We did have a huge amount of flies in the house a few times this summer. The fly swatter was in high demand and the damage is still being washed off all the windows. YUCK!!!!!! BTW, Potatoes turn to liquid, stinky rank liquid when they rot.
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